Real Tube Screamer and Sims Shootout


Dec 21, 2007
In case you haven't had enough shootouts, here's another one.

I made recordings of 6 VST Tube Screamer simulations and one real one. The real one is a TS7 in TS9 mode with all the knobs at 12 o'clock. All the sims were set at 12 o'clock positions or middle settings if there were no knobs and just numbers. I've included a file with no Tube Screamer processing which is labeled as such.

The guitar is a Schecter C-1 Classic on the JB pickup. The riff is from a song of mine called Nuke Stars Hollow. It was recorded through my FMR RNP into my now sold E-MU 0404 USB 2.0. I took that signal and reamped it back into my computer once through the real Tube Screamer and once with no Tube Screamer. Then I took the signal without the Tube Screamer and applied the 6 VST versions. This assured that everything would be as equal as possible. The amp used was Revalver MKIII's 6505 with the ThisOne impulse in Boogex. None of them had any post processing.

Here is the list of all the ones used in no particular order.

Hardware Ibanez TS7
Amplitube 2
Revalver MKIII
SimulAnalog (Free)
Guitar Rig 3
TS' Secret (Free)

Here is the rar file: TS Shootout

I wanted to include some other ones like Waves GTR3, Digidesign Eleven, and Overloud TH1, but their demos either expired or required software or hardware I didn't have. I will post the key later when I feel enough people have commented on this. Enjoy!
I would have turned gain to 0 on the screamers but anyway.

I liked 3 and 6 the most because they sound less flat. From the others 7 Has too much gain, 1 has mostly mids and 2,4,5 are pretty similar.

Thanks for doing the shootout.
Yeah, these settings aren't exactly what I would call useful musically, but I was trying not to be partial to any knob so that each parameter would have a chance to affect the sound a decent amount. Also it was the default setting on most of them and I'm lazy :p.