Relegate 1 Thrax song to the outer


Dec 16, 2002
I'm bored at work so decided to start a thread which has probably been done before, but who cares, here goes anyways.

If there is 1 Anthrax song (NOT including covers) you could wipe off the Anthrax back catalogue, what would it be and why????

For mine - MAKE ME LAUGH

Just a shitty song, in which Joey's vocal just grate me every time ....
Dunno...only ones I could think of would be off the newer albums and the filler songs, Cupajoe, 604, Crash. I don't like those songs, and the hidden songs, I like Pieces, but would prefer to hear it as it's own track, not piggy backing on Stealing From A Thief, cause I like Stealing From A Thief too. And that hidden song on We've Come For You All, what's it called? Shaker? I don't like that song.
Finale rules. i drank 3 six packs just so i could look at your face,FINALE!!!!

for me its a toss-up between packaged rebellion/schism
thunderhead said:
If covers were included, I'd say "Anti-Social" or "Got the Time"....I'm just SOOOO sick of those songs. But, I digress.

I'd say "Toast to the Extras" would be eliminated if I were God.
I love that track. Its a nice change of pace.
I like Toast to the Extras too, some songs on Euphoria and POT drag along. But I drink three six packs to deal with my in-laws, Finale is a fun tune form back in the day go Kinison.
Finale is the best song on that album!

Probably Bring tha Noise for me. (I know a lot will disagree)
Just don't like it, kind of seems like a 'selling out' song.
The only one I can think of is a B side (sorry):
Fueled Remix- The Song That Should Not Be

Actually, I've only listened to the Killer A's versions of Pottersfield and Hy Pro Glo about 5 times. And that was 5 times too many....
Yeah I always think H8Red sucked and then I listed to it the other day and thought it rocked. I'll probably think it sucks again tomorrow!