Nov 4, 2004
Aswell as the well-known tracks,the classic cuts,of which there are oh-so-many,Anthrax's albums are filled with lost gems,great songs which maybe the band haven't included in their live sets,or which the public at large don't even know of...but,we know 'em!

Some of my absolute Fave-Rave's from the back catalogue of one of Rock/Metal's finest acts>? A Top-5 UnderRated/Lost Gems:

1. 'Horror of It All'('87) -- First had the pleasure of hearing ATL in 1990,after discovering POT and SOE that same year,and this song still sounds as intense & groundbreaking as ever. The grieving process after a death isn't a topic explored much in the world of rock,but,Anthrax serve up the goods here with a visceral and powerful lyrical & musical performance. Excellent!

2. 'Subjugator'('84) -- That first album has always been a favourite,maybe not lyrically the best of Anthrax's albums,but,musically,it's a storming beast of an album. The time-changes and frantic pace make this one a winner every time. Along with 'DeathRider','Metal Thrashing Mad' and 'Anthrax',these are 4 tunes I'd choose for any Best-Of!

3. 'American Pompeii' -- One of the highlights of an all-round brilliant album. 'Stomp 442' is probably still my favourite 'Thrax disc(ties with 'Volume 8' and ATL though),full of crushingly good tunes,wonderful lyrics from Bush & Ian,and an atmosphere of general metal mayhem! 'Pompeii' is a definite highlight!

4. 'Blood'('90) -- Maybe the perfect 1-2 opening salvo on any Anthrax album is the paring of the quite excellent 'Time' and then this monster,'Blood'. Great build-up,dynamics,that chant-a-long chorus,and Scott Ian's hard-hitting lyrics.

5. '1,000 Points of Hate'('93) -- I remember hearing this in HMV,Oxford Street,London the day before Anthrax played in Camden,it really seemed like the band were about to hit huge into the mainstream,what with mandarins like HMV playing it^ The lyrics are some of the most harrowingly true and knowing,the music is just as black & torturous. Bleak but emotional,hell,Nick Cave or Leonard Cohen could cover this song!

EXTRA --- 'Crush' -- Okay,this one is well known,but,I had to mention it! I'm surprised Anthrax didn't include this one as part of the main-set in 2003/2004,for it's not just one of their best songs,it's a high watermark of heavy metal,period! A stunning track,everything about it-- from the arrangement,to the great lyrics,to the thunderous & cacophonous drum-breakdown in the middle,to those sizzling guitars -- James Hetfield might have referred to "Only" as the perfect song,but,methinks that honour should really go to 'Crush'. It simply is THAT f-cking good!

Of course there's loads more I could choose,Anthrax have such a rich back-catalogue,these would be the 5 or so that really show what a great band they are.

Discharge from POT
In A Zone from S442
Refuse to be Denied from WCFYA
GIVING THE HORNS:headbang: ....Which i would like help in learning to play. I cant work out the chorus! even tho i worked out the rest!
Such an ace song, and has that ace little thin lizzy style harmony in the middle! fuckin' sweet!
I LOVE 1000 points of hate!!!! also---as I always say- Potters field!!!! I have yet to ever see them play it live!!! GRRRR
Pink_Metal said:
I LOVE 1000 points of hate!!!! also---as I always say- Potters field!!!! I have yet to ever see them play it live!!! GRRRR

Potters Field will always be my favorite Thrax song, its a pity it hasn't been aired in years....And isnt likely to be anytime soon..:yell:
'Se,se'(Yes indeedy!) --

--Many great choices there! Lone Justice,anyplace but here,Catharsis,...

'Potters Field' -- Ah yes Pink-Metal,that'd be possibly my 2nd ultimate 'Thrax fave after the other-worldly 'Crush' ,and,I saw the band playing that a few times on the 'SOWN' tour way back in '93. Lyrically & musically an uber metal track!

'Giving the Horns' -- that Thin-Lizzy inspired lead break in the middle,isn't that the solo from KISS' 'King of the NightTime World'? Nice li'l tribute there from 'Thrax to the KISS lads!
Pink_Metal said:
I LOVE 1000 points of hate!!!! also---as I always say- Potters field!!!! I have yet to ever see them play it live!!! GRRRR

Pink, I just fell in love with you! :headbang:

How do you feel about "Sodium Pentathol" (the song).

Whiplash402 said:
omg fuckin C11 H20 S NA watever is so underrated that was wat got me into anthrax