American Pompeii utterly destroys, and I'm providing, as they say in "da hood" "Much love" for Lone Justice at the moment too.

It's a bit of a cheat, I guess, but I love their version of Dethroned Emperor. I made a mini CD of Vader, Anthrax, Brutal Truth, Vital Remains and Celtic Frost doing that track, I love it so!

[Originally performed by Celtic Frost]

See the portal, gate to madness
Locked forever in a veil of shame

Deny extraction - Thirst for disgrace
Watch his break - The emperor's killed
Light of the day - Shadows from beyond
Scaffold of steel - The throne has gone

Dethroned emperor

The foot of the stairs, dimension in might
The king sits, his eyes are glass

Growing of the small - The laughter's fall
Can you deny - Remaining cries?
Descent of the lords - Into the trap
Existence and hate - Unseen gate

Dethroned emperor