SF & SJ shows


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May 9, 2001
I just like to give you a little update on the conclusion of the tour and the last two shows which I attended.

The San Francisco show included the following set:
-White Cluster
-Advent (as Mikael pronounces it ADDDD-VENT)

I must say the place (The Pound) was pretty crowded, and there were a lot of people waiting to see Opeth. I believe there were more people following Opeth than Nevermore... another reason for Opeth to headline next year, and hopefully play longer.

The San Jose show was special. The venue was Cactus club, and since it was a Sunday night it wasn't that crowded. It was the last show, the guys were pretty wasted (as both Martins confirmed offstage), and it was Lopez's B-day. The whole crowd sang a "Happy B-Day" in a low, metal voice. That got the crowd going.

Setlist was the same, with the addition of Leper Affinity in between Credence and Demon. I have to say Credence was performed so much better than the night before, as the whole band was somewhat emotional and wanted to end the tour on a high note. The highlight was Demon. Mikael started by saying "This is the last song of the tour, so I want you to go completely insane". The whole place went nuts. The growling was incredible, Peter was headbanging like crazy, and the Martins went nuts.

I have to say Lopez and Lopez are so chill and relaxed offstage that you can never fully comprehend how intense and fast they can get playing onstage. I didn't get a chance to hang out with Peter or Mikael, but I'm sure they need no further endorsement.
OPETH=Best band ever!