Shadow Gallery Members Autograph Item for Charity


Shadow Gallery members Carl Cadden-James, Gary Wehrkamp, Brian Ashland and Joe Nevolo have autographed a limited number of SMAZES Books to be sold on the Shadow Gallery web site. These maze activity books for children were created by The WISHMAKERS organization. One hundred per cent of the profits benefit the non-profit organization Families of SMA.

The inspiration behind the project is Gary's niece Violet Madison Wehrkamp, who lost her life to SMA at just six months old on August 27, 2010. Since her passing, her parents, Bill and Alllison Wehrkamp have fought tirelessly to help raise awareness about SMA through their website "Little Flower Violet". Little Flower Violet provides information about SMA, the story of Violet's life and battle with SMA and has a store where you can purchase items for which proceeds go to rasise awareness and continue research for a cure. PLEASE donate today to the cause by purchasing an autographed SMAzes book here.