Shadow Gallery Announces First Performance Ever


Allentown, PA - December 17, 2009 - American prog/metal giant Shadow Gallery has announced that they will be performing live in concert on the 2010 Triton Power Cruise. This will be the first live performance for Shadow Gallery. The band recently released their sixth studio album Digital Ghosts to wide critical acclaim.

“We have waited a long time to bring the music of Shadow Gallery to the stage, ” said Gary Wehrkamp, “There are many talented bands performing on the Triton Power Cruise and we are honored to be a part of this exciting event.” Fellow band mate Brendt Allman also commented, “This will be a fun event, a long time in the making.” Beth Mays of Triton Power Cruise said, “It is my sincerest honor to have Shadow Gallery give their first performance onboard the Triton Power Cruise.”

The Triton Power Cruise web site is The cruise includes the following: Cabin, all food on the cruise, a pre-party on Thursday, April 29, 2010, party in the Bahamas, all concerts, Meet and Greet, Beatnik Rhythm Analyzers sponsored drum clinic featuring Casey Grillo of Kamelot and more. Optional upgrade will also be available for a private party with all the featured bands.

The band’s latest album, Digital Ghosts, was released November 3rd on the Inside Out record label. Additional tour dates in support of Digital Ghosts may be announced in the future. Digital Ghosts is now available at and at Inside Out Music.

Shadow Gallery: Gary Wehrkamp- guitars, keyboards, vocals; Brendt Allman- guitars, keyboards, vocals; Carl Cadden-James-bass guitar, vocals; Brian Ashland- lead vocals, guitar; Joe Nevolo, drums
I think everyone has been waiting for that for a long time!

I can speak for myself, that it is going to be more than a honor to play in the same night that Shadow Gallery! This guys are a major influence for The Element.
This is going to be unbelievable!!! Congratulations to Beth Mays for make this happen!!
And thanks to Shadow Gallery for give us the opportunity to finally see them live! ROCK ON!:headbang:
I knew about this for about 2 weeks now but had to keep quiet about it out of respect for Beth, the other bands on the cruise and most importantly the person who told me. Ok that being said,

WOW!!!!!! About fucking time, what coup for Beth, CONGRATS!

This will be show of the century for me! I miss Mike Baker (R.I.P.) immensely, but Digital Ghosts made any doubts I may have had for the future Shadow Gallery fade away.
I have major respect to Beth for putting this whole Triton Power Cruise together, but it seems like a very too good to be true scenario. Even as an outsider not knowing all the details the budgeting on this thing must be insane. Especially with the addition of Shadow Gallery.

Once again major respect and props, but I'd hate to be in those shoes right now in all honesty. I wish this thing the very best. Hope all turns out well. If people weren't buying before, they most certainly are eyeing their wallets for that special Christmas bonus to appear now so they can see SG on this spectacular package.
The thing that somewhat bothers me is that it seems like they continue to try to sweeten the deal by throwing more bands into the mix, but in reality, I don't think it's really convincing anyone new to go. The bottom line here is that I think all those who wanted to go on this were sold the minute they heard about it, and that wasn't going to change. If they could afford it, they're making it happen, if not (like myself), it doesn't matter what else they throw into the deal, if the price must remain the same (not saying it's too high), it's just not logistically possible.
As much I'd like to go now, no way I can afford it.

Having said that, if Pain of Salvation was booked, you can bet your ass I'd be selling everything in my possession to go. ;)
We are absolutely thrilled to be sharing the same stage is the legendary Shadow Gallery as well as Crimson Glory, Pagan's Mind, The Element, Evergrey, Jon Oliva's Pain, Circle II Circle, Seven Witches, and Eumeria. What an absolutely outstanding lineup for this unprecedented event.

We are all looking forward to all the events of the Triton Power Cruise. From the pre-party, to the sun and fun on the deck of the ship and hanging out with friends and fans on the beach in Nassau, to the main event itself. Already so many people have told us how excited they are to be joining all of us on board and we are looking forward to the event on land and at sea!

Congratulations to Beth for putting together something that I am sure that all involved will never forget!

All of us on the Futures End team
The price is too high for those who were going on a cruise to listen to Reggae and cover bands........but not to listen to the first ever show from Shadow Gallery, and listen to kick ass bands like Pagan's Mind, Evergrey, etc AND get a cruise vacation out of it! It might seem expensive in a recession, however you can't expect people to throw together a dream concert event like this and do it for free.

If you don't think those bands are worth it, then no wonder Progressive Metal has been shunned for the longest time. I heard that the "Motely Cruise" thing went well....I didn't hear any complaining from the 80's rock fans...they packed that boat and had a great there is no excuse for us to stand up for OUR KIND of music and show the world there is some seriously intelligent music to be heard out there!

Bon Voyage......

Honestly, I dont see how the price is high to begin with. Every year I spend about $1300 getting plane tickets, rooms, show tickets, and food to go to Progpower, Rocklahoma, Nightmare Metalfest, etc. It all runs about the same. Actually, I think the cruise may cost a little less than what I would spend travelling for a festival.
You guys just don't get it.

No one is complaining that this costs more than it should. People are complaining that they don't have the money, period. Not a single person I've seen has yet said or meant anything about this being unreasonably expensive, it's not. It's just that it things reach a point where it doesn't matter how justified the price is, too much is too much. I live on an incredibly, incredibly fixed budget. I can't spend a grand to go on a cruise, no matter how enticing it is. Period.

My point stands: The people who were going to be sold on this were sold on it from the very beginning, because the concept is great enough to pull every fan of any one of these bands that can logically do it. Adding another band here or there isn't really changing anything. I wanted in from day 1, and it's only been getting better and better. The problem is that you can't pull off the impossible, no matter how badly you want to.
I'm with Jeff. The costs are absolutely APPROPRIATE for what the cruise is, but I can't afford it. I can't really take the time out of school to do this, either. If there's one next year, hopefully I can do that one. I just would never be able to afford it.

There's a slight possibility I could convince my brother to pick up the costs as he's mentioned wanting to take me and Dad on a cruise, which would be incredible, but I won't get my hopes up. I was sold on the idea from Day 1, and the lineup is amazing, but I don't have the funds. I hope everyone who goes has a blast, though, and hope that this is the start of a yearly thing so that maybe once I do have the money I could make it happen.
Fred, you know me, I've been to every single PP USA and have never complained of a price. Well I take that back, I always bitch about the Granada price LOL !!!! But not the price to see good music man!