Shadow Gallery Announces First Performance Ever

yeah, I get pretty mad too when more and more bands are announced for Wacken.

I mean, plane tickets to Germany aren't unreasonable, but it's just not fair that they keep adding more bands to their music festival!
I'm happy that Shadow Gallery finally decided to perform live. However, I can only picture Glenn on the phone with Gary, Brendt, or Carl, and in his best Ricky Ricardo voice, saying, "You got some 'splaining to do!"

Stay metal. Never rust.
You could always give blood, plasma, and sperm every week from now until the cruise. That might get you the cash you need...;) Honestly, with the payment plans Beth has set up and her willingness to work with everyone, it never hurts to call her up to see if you truly cannot afford it. It seems a shame to miss this unique event without exploring the options.
Although I'm not a fan of Shadow Gallery, this is a great score for Beth. This is a Glenn-like get.

Although I'm only a fan of two of the bands on the cruise, I'd love to go, as I'm sure it's going to be as much fun as ProgPower. Unfortunately, all of our 2010 vacation is already spoken for.