Shadow Gallery Announces Debut USA show!

That's quite the accusation. Why would anyone bother to fake it in this genre? The million-dollar contracts? The groupies? Endless dork love in chatrooms?

:lol: Funny post of the week, right there....

Popcorn!! Popcorn!!! $1.50 for the small bag, $4.50 for the bucket!! Popcornnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!



If you offer free refills on the bucket, I'll take one!

Can you just stop hiding behind your attacks and just say "I don't like you Ben"?

Jesus Fucking Christ, John. Let it go.

It wasn't an attack, it was just a comment to what you said, and I do like you Ben, so there.
WHY are they just NOW starting to play live?

A Milli Vanilli progmetalrock outfit.

I, too, have had my doubts about this band. I think l dropped them after they released Tyranny when I realized they were not playing live. You can make yourself sound like gold in a studio. But, reproducing it live is another story. The excuses of "families, jobs, lives, bla, bla, bla" doesn't cut it. Other bands have the same yet have managed to do tours (i.e. Symphony X, etc). So I dismissed them. Heck, local gigs would have sufficed. I mean, they're doing a local gig now all of a sudden. So, wtf?

I will say that I am curious to see if they can pull of their more complex stuff live. Interesting.
Why the hell can't I get a hater on this board? Is it because I'm so damn good looking? Or is it because of my extra long, large....ummm...liver?
Damn and I just moved from living 30 mins away from there to a place where I think it might be a crime to like metal
SLC, UT. I had been in the Binghamton, NY area. (People live around there????)

I just don't get a very metal vibe from the town though I am looking forward ot Rush in August :kickass:
It's about a 4-hour drive, but I have some family within an hour from the venue that I could stay with. This would be very, very cool. I believe that classes start for me a few days after that, so might as well get one last awesome weekend in. This is definitely a possibility...
TODAY is the LAST DAY to buy $15 advance tickets for Sunday's SHADOW GALLERY debut LIVE show. Tickets are available at (Paypal button for Barley Creek tickets). Otherwise it is a $20 entry fee the day of the show. Hope to see you there!

Why should you come to this show?

1) It is the FIRST Shadow Gallery show ever. Be a part of history! Special commemorative merchandise only available at this show. Plus some other very special things are planned for this show, that you will have to just find out by coming!

2) It is the ONLY US gig for 2010

3) 20% off all food (not drinks) at Barley Creek Restaurant (NOT at the Upper Deck) the day of the show, with proof of show admission (paypal receipt or admission wristband).

4) Great beer brewed on site, and a special SG mixed drink "Crystalline Dream"

5) Beautiful Pocono Mountain setting with lots to do in the area before & after the show - it is a holiday weekend so make it a mini-vacation!

Doors open at 7 PM
with special guest SUSPYRE

Barley Creek Brewing Company
Sullivan Trail and Camelback Road (right off of route 80)
Tannersville, PA18372

And in case there is anyone on this forum living in Europe, Shadow Gallery has announced a European Tour for October, starting with headlining ProgPower Europe on October 2nd. They will be co-headlining with MANTICORA on their October 4th & October 16th gigs: