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Feb 11, 2002
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Not sure if this has been mentioned here, but Shadow Gallery announced their new singer, & have posted some video clips as well as an audio clip from their upcoming cd 'Digital Ghosts'..

SHADOW GALLERY, widely considered a major and innovative force within the realms of progressive rock and metal, have returned with their sixth studio effort, "Digital Ghosts". Following up 2005's "Room V" as well as the "Prime Cuts" compilation release of material from previous albums in 2007, "Digital Ghosts" will be released on October 26 in Europe and November 3 in North America via InsideOut Music.

After the tragic passing of lead singer Mike Baker in October 2008,SHADOW GALLERY's new CD introduces new vocalist Brian Ashland and not only sees the entire band once again sharing additional vocal duties but also features guest vocal appearances by Ralf Scheepers (PRIMAL FEAR) and Clay Barton (SUSPYRE) to complement the release.

With"Digital Ghosts", SHADOW GALLERY's members Brendt Allman, Carl Cadden-James, Gary Wehrkamp, Ashland and returning drummer Joe Nevolo (who appears on two songs of the record) have focused their powerful energies on creating a seamless blend of progressive, metal, and symphonic rock as a transcendent work of musical art that advances the boundaries of these genres into new directions.

Commented Wehrkamp: "As a band, we are thrilled to have new music to share with everyone. This album is a dedication to our wonderful fans, and also to the memory of our singer and friend Mike Baker.

"We had to deal with a few tragic events during the course of this recording, but pressing on we approached the production the way we always do: Trying to provide our very best. We had a terrific time making this record and hope all the emotion and love we put into it endures, transcends and touches everyone who is ready for it.

"You can expect some shades of a new direction on this record. We had long been trying to incorporate more prog elements and the time was right to stretch out a little bit, while remaining true to the heavy and powerful rock based songs that have been a staple of SHADOW GALLERY since the earliest days."

"Digital Ghosts" track listing:
01. With Honor
02. Venom
03. Pain
04. Gold Dust
05. Strong
06. Digital Ghost
07. Haunted

Video clips can be seen at their YouTube page, & audio clips are being uploaded weekly to their MySpace page.
I've got a promo 3 days ago, and i have to say that Digital Ghosts will be the beginning for a live show finally.
We had Rain, now we have Pain :)
You can also hear all the the album in the following podcasts

These are radio shows from the dividing line station

I've had the album for a while now and have been listening to it quite a lot. At first I wasn't too impressed, but after 10 spins or so I got into it and it definitely is a good album. I still prefer "Tyranny", "Legacy" and "Carved In Stone" (with "CIS" my favorite), but it's better than "Room V" and the debut for sure.

I watched the video they put out today & I have to say..for a while now I've kind of wondered how I was going to feel about hearing someone else sing with them, but I dug it! Really looking forward to hearing more. :)
With"Digital Ghosts", SHADOW GALLERY's members Brendt Allman, Carl Cadden-James, Gary Wehrkamp, Ashland and returning drummer Joe Nevolo (who appears on two songs of the record)

What do they mean by returning drummer? Joe has been the band drumer since "Tyranny" and again I don't like the fact I don't see Chris Ingles name around. He was absent from "Room V" and he was part of the original line-up since the debut. Not precisely neat for me moreover after Mike's passing away.

I'm gonna wait for some complete songs to leak, I'm not into clips.​

LOVE love love the new song on their MySpace (Gold dust full song).

Is that the new singer singing on that? He sounds VERY close to Mike Baker - reminds me actually of Mike meets Geoff Tate - awesome voice. The song sound easily like it could have been from the Tyranny era (my fav album from them, one of my all time favs).

Hope the rest lives up to this one!