Shallow Life is a sell-out

Lacuna coil have sold out. I hate how they wouldn't let photos be taken at their in-store, They had bodyguards

Not to mention their beard roadie was a rude bastard to me.

The didn't arrive untill 7PM. All the other bands had already arrived

they use two separate *coloured* microphone. A mic is a mic its just a piece of plastic with wires.

they took to long to set up & only played a 6 song set list


they are not metal
Wow. I just listened to Spellbound - again. It really does have a "linkin park" feel to it. I hate linkin park. I hate this new Lacuna Coil song. Damn. :( That sucks. I really like their old stuff, a lot.
Shallow Life IS junk. It lacks everything that had ever made a Lacuna Coil album good. I understand the band wants to move onto other things and expand their sound, but they shouldn't have to dumb down their music in order to do so. I personally think you're a fool if you think the new material is worth a damn. I've been into Lacuna Coil since 'Comalies', and sadly that's probably the last time they'll ever be any good. Karmacode at least had some groove, and the songs were great live. It's just sad to see this band go downhill with their music instead of unleashing their full potential.
Let's be honest; the guitar work isn't that great but its catchy, the lyrics are decent, Cristina's voice has an awesome tone and she is hot and andrea can't sing without having his voice tuned in the studio. Apart from Cristina's voice, theres nothing that great in Lacuna Coil anymore because of the mainstream approach to their songwriting!
Let me add my two cents. Cristiano Mozzati is a very good drummer! Unfortunately, he chose to simplify things from Comalies on, which I really regret a lot. His work in Unleashed Memories was brilliant. Very intricate still a hundred percent done for the music, not to show himself up.

Following your line of thinking, though, even his drumming is not worth it, since he simplifies things nowadays.

In fact I'm not very acquainted to their work after Comalies. I could be wrong. My favorite is Unleashed Memories, by the way.

Oh yeah, and I'm a drummer! LoL! :loco:
Well, I remember hearing their very first EP when it was released. Was in a metal store and apparently I'm the first person in this country to buy it. I loved the first EP, it was them without an image, playing music they genuinely loved. It's changed a bit since then obviously and I'm not much of a fan anymore, but I can see they're after cash, but which band isnt? If you had a choice of making money doing what you love wouldnt you? That's not to say you'd change your music style like they have, but still.

That said, I'm not a fan of the new album, but I don't exactly hate it either. As for albums being sold in Walmart, so are Metallica and Slayer, they're not exactly bad bands.
Personally I enjoy all of lacuna coil material. Because each album shows a different side of a band, but fans are extemely thick minded when it comes to what they deem selling out. Selling out could mean many things? What happened the band wanted to take a different approach? Or if the band was experimenting with different techniques? Indeed you can tell the difference from their first album to the current one, yet i still feel they have that energy that makes you drawn to them. As for the advertisment thing..wouldnt you want your album being advertise? I mean a band is not only a art group, but is also a business. You must know how to make money at same time maintain your sound and respect. LACUNA COIL will forever rock
I honestly don't get this...I don't understand why people think it's selling out.

The band have tried something new with their music...they took a risk. If they were making their best selling album (I suspect this was Karmacode?) over and over again then, yes, I'd understand why people would accuse them of selling out.

But..trying something new, a new producer, a different sound? Eh?

To be honest, it took me a couple of listens to really get into Shallow Life, 'cos it was quite different from Karmacode, Comalies and UM (all of which I ADORE), but it still IS distinctly LC, just slightly more rock than metal.

I understand, people want them to make Comalies again, but THAT would be selling out.

I kinda agree on some things, like Andrea not being able to sing, but he's got great stage presence so it kinda works when they're live. The guitar solos on SL are awesome (especially 'Unchained'), CriZ's drumming is as awesome as ever, and Maki's bass is still...unique. He never played bass along with the drums OR the guitars, but kinda did his own thing...that's still there. And, of course, Cristina's voice has only improved.

After the hard work they've put in over the last 15+ years, if they DO go a little mainstream, I can understand it, and congratulate them for it. They deserve more fans, and they deserve more mainstream attention to get them more into the public eye.

Sorry, that was QUITE the rant!!! :headbang:
Let me go on record by saying when I posted what I posted I was going through a bad spell in my life. Re-listening to this band I have had a rediscovery of them and I am now enlightened. I am sorry for what I said.

Empty Spiral Hell YEAAAAA
So much narrow-minded negativity in this thread. To anyone still reading, the arabic influences were on Cristina's singing which she already did on other albums. I do believe it's their weakest next to Unleashed Mammaries, but calling it sell-out shit aint doing it