Skyclad Noise remastered/ Reissue cds

Nick Mammy

New Metal Member
Dec 19, 2017
Am I the only one not impressed with the Skyclad remastered/ Reissue cds. Wayward Sons of Mother Earth sounds a little better. Jonah's ark sounds the best but the others sound just like the originals . Plus the packaging is less that desired. Why does everything these days have to be digipak? I'm wondering if any of the other Noise remastered / reissues are worth getting.
Gotta say I haven't even tried to source them. I'm a big fan of Skyclad but I'm not a fan or reissues or remasters by any band.
Yeah, remasters are usually not worth picking up unless bonus tracks are added. Sometimes production values are a improvement as long as it doesn't have that brick wall sound (unfortunately that's usually the case with modern remasters).
Yeah I tend to ignore remasters on the grounds that if I liked the album I liked it for what it was not what today's technology can do for it. Bonus tracks are sometimes good but more often than not someone puts them up on YouTube.