Slayer Tour August?

OH. MY. GOD. How cool would that be???? Machine head too? (I like them as well, nowhere near as much as slayer, but they are still good)

I hope that its true! (is it just me or have they left it a bit late to advertise??)
Are they playing Melbourne and Brisbane? Are there any dates yet? Is anyone else here going to go? Can I ask anymore questions?
yep, i'll definitly goto the Sydney show. I saw Slayer, Newcastle in 95 and Sydney 98. They put on a good show.

Machine Head I used to like. There second album was alright. There third album was bollocks.

I have no idea who Static X is?
Static-x do (and i quote) "evil disco" Ive never heard them, but its numetal stuff basically.
yeah i will definitely be going to see Slayer(especially since it is going to be at Sydeny best venue for Metal!!!!!
Anyone know when tickets go on sale?
I will definately be there to see Slayer in Melbourne !!!!!
I don't have a clue why I didn't go see them last tour. Maybe it had something to do with not likeing the last album that much.
But after watching live intrusion again a few weeks ago I am not missing them this time !!!!!!

Ironcross I thought Machine heads first album kicked ass too !!
But it has been all down hill from there for them :confused:

I think static X are most famous for the lead singers hair.
It looks like he has been using some of the hair gel from the movie something about mary !!
Just found this and it's from the promoters ........

Hordern Pavillion, Sydney.

30 Festival Hall, Brisbane.

Festival Hall, Melbourne.

Entertainment Centre,

I'm currently on holiday in Vancouver, Canada and this Wednesday I'll be heading down to Tacoma, Washington to check out the 'Extreme Steel Tour' featuring Pantera, Slayer, Static X, Morbid Angel and Skrape. I thought this would be my only chance to see Static X but it seems they will be in Melbourne after all.....
Static X describe their sound as death disco or evil disco, I have been into their stuff for a while now and just bought their second album, Machine. It's definitely nu metal but I really like it. Techno metal also springs to mind when trying to describe their sound.
I can't wait to see Machine Head in Australia. I actually thought The Burning Red was a lot better than the first two albums and showed definite progression and experimentation.... I hope they continue down that track on the new album, Supercharger. I think Ahrue Luster is a far more versatile player than Logan Mader too.
I didnt mind Burning Red either Piv, it wasnt as good as their first 2 in my opinion, but was still pretty good :)

Oh man this is so sweet....anyone know why we are suddenly getting all the bands down here now? (Not that im complaining!)