So I'm at the supermarket.....


Apr 21, 2001
Timmy's house
.... and I pick up a basket to put my food into and this man comes rushing past with a trolley full of meat and bottles alcohol - none of it packed into bags. Instead of going to the checkouts to pay, he rushes straight through the doors into the carpark!
So what do I do?
I watch the direction he in which he heads and then alert the staff who page the security guys, and seconds later the store security come rushing out and take me into the carpark to find the thief.
We run out and look around for the guy with his trolley, but he's nowhere to be seen. Suddenly we spot the trolley, hidden between two cars. The guy is nowhere to be seen, so presumably he's seen us coming and run off.
This trolley is packed....I mean PACKED full of stuff!
Anyway, we take the trolley back into the store and the manager asks me what I drink, so I say vodka. So they cart me off to the spirits department and present me with a litre of Smirnoff, for saving the day:D :D :D

I will now bask in your collective adoration:D
Tokmak..... of course I can drink!! I'm English don't forget!!!:p

Btw.... a little update today....
The value of the goods in the trolley was £525.00, so I have truelly been crowned a hero now:D

Clipsy.... if you were really starving, why did you fill your trolley with bottles of alcohol:confused: :rolleyes: :heh:
Answer Tokmak's questions...
If the thief was a very sexy girl would you chase after her?

Why didn't they give you a medallion for the reward?
If the theif was a sexy girl I would have chased her out and demanded sexual favours in return for me not alerting the security:D

I don't know why they didn't give me a medal:cry:
Maybe there will be a big surprise party for me next time I go in there!!!:) :) :)
Demand sexual favours.I like that.

But I think that you will still alert the security after getting those sexual favours to win that free Smirnoff.Don't you? :D

Go to the supermarket immediately and get your medal.But it must be a wooden medal.