So I was at the supermarket a few days ago...

well, you know,... being retired as an old pirate, doesn't bring in that lot of money, so now about a few months I'm doing some side-job, acting as security chief of some local cheap "everything for 5 penny" shop. I like it, you get new clothes for it, and a whole lot of badges, once and a while you can spot some nice chick looking at you, admiring your body and asking herself how good you are in bed, only to wink at her, and having to catch her as she faints. Well, it sounds a bit silly of course, but well, the things you do to make time pass.

Anyway, I was on service last monday, had a nice talk with the pretty caissiere; still was a bit fuzzy cause of the rather tough weekend, as on saturday and sunday nights, I'm doing some security job for the local disco as well. I'm not in that for the money, only the chicks. Well, anyway, here you go, on a bright monday morning, on the first drink of a little café,; all of a sudden, this chick just started screaming, my god. I' seen her before once and a while, she always hangs out near the cosmetics, where she tries all the parfumery a few times; well, I don't mind they doing that, as long as it keeps them from smelling. Well suddenly she opens up her mouth and the next thing I see, is some African running loose with a caddy filled with milk.

Damn, I like pulling my gun out, and you should see how the chick didn't turn away an instant from me, she had carefully turned her right arm around my left, while trying to put her hand in my pantz. But I didn't have time for pleasure, I had to catch that milk thief. Pretty soon, he noticed that I was in pursuit and gave up the caddy, next thing he did was jumping in a dirt truck-where he belonged if you ask me- and escaping me. Well, whatever, I had the chick and the milk, so what more could one get, eh?

We went to my little office - now I think of it, I never even asked her name - where she gave me that outstanding blow job. I'm on paid relief ever since, cause everything is so swollen I can't get my pantz back on. The girl had a bit too much of the good thing too, cause she was getting all blue and sick, so I gave her a bottle of perfume, and showed her the way out.

What a day.