I know who Possum is!!!

ok this is starting to wear rather thin. :erk: first it was IF and his inability to distinguish between the public and the private domain, then it was potpossum and her personal vendetta against me on whatever crazed power trip she was on at the time. now it's manuelgv claiming to have seen pics of me elsewhere and conveniently losing them or whatever. and now this! :mad:

fine. who posts like me then? *goes back to listening to new pain of salvation clips*
I didn't lose them Possum.
I never saved them,I just saw them.
But remember I know who you are mwahahahaha
It turns out I have no idea who the hell Possum is
I thought she was someone who I didn't know was into metal,then it turns out I thought she was someone else,and now I think she is neither.
Who are you?