i feel like an idiot


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Oct 8, 2002
Burkina Faso
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i was at my friend's (Marko) place today. we were watching a movie with two other friends of mine, Anni and Pulli..
my best friend, Anni, was supposed to come to my place after the movie and spend the night here.
at midnight (about an hour after the movie has ended) i felt like going home, but Anni told me she wants to stay a bit longer. She said that she's going to come to my place in a few minutes..
i waited for her for about 2 hours and i started to get annoyed. i tried to call her, but she didn't answer the phone.
then Marko texted me and told me that Anni decided not to come to my place and went home. i felt pretty pissed off, cause i stayed up for 2 hours for nothing. a few minutes later Anni texted me and asked me if i got Marko's message. i texted her back something in the lines of "yea, i got the message. thank you very fucking much, i was getting really fucking pissed off cause i stayed up for two hours waiting for you. good night to you too". i cursed quite a lot in that message. after sending it i felt like it had gone to a wrong number.
then, like one minute later i saw Anni sign in MSN. i asked her if she got the message and she said no..
then, about 10 minutes later i got a message that said "okay, but who are you?". i thought it was Pulli, and that he doesn't have my number. his name is "Marko's friend" in my phone book, cause Marko often borrows his phone when he texts me. i texted him back something like "hahah fuck, it's me, ulla. ignore the message, sorry i sent it to a wrong person".
then, after sending that message, i noticed that the sender of the previous message wasn't "Marko's friend", it was "Marko's dad", so basically i sent two messages with lots of cursing to my friend's father, who happens to be a rather strict person.
damn :erk: *feels really embarrased*

sorry, this was spam.. i just had to get it out of my chest.. Marko's gonna be very mad at me tomorrow, i'm sure :cry: silly me
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haha yeah :p

actually this sounds a bit more harsh in english than it was in finnish, the messages i sent weren't even really hostile or anything..
but i'm sure Marko's gonna get some shit from his dad cause of this.. poor guy..

anyway i'm glad to get it off my chest, haha :p
thank you
Meh, I wouldn't worry about it...well I would, but it's not THAT big of a deal. He'll get over it.

If it'll make you feel any better, I'll tell you something that happened to a friend of mine. We were out in my front yard with a bunch of people, and my friend said to my older brother's friend: "I want your dick." And it was LOUD. She turned around and my dad was on the porch. She was soooo embarrassed.
Well fuck me, but aren't you a silly sausage then! :D

I'm glad to hear you straightened things out with Anni though... now you've just gotta mend fences with Marko (and his dad ;) ).... preferably in the method as aforementioned by Cama_Zotz. :rolleyes:

*This is a reason why it's benificial to either not store your friend's folks numbers in your Mobile... or at least to store them in a seperate area of the address book. :Smug:

If it's any comfort to you though, my mother (who is relatively new to mobile phones even though she's had one for over a year....she hardly used it) went to send a Valenties Day SMS to my Pa at work, but ended up sending it to my older BROTHER (who was incidentally the first entry in her address book) thankfully the SMS was rather 'tame' in nature. :oops:

Cama_Zotz said:
Just say you were tired and couldnt think. Always works :D

hehe true :D
no, really, don't worry, a friend of mine sometimes uses her mother's phone to send me messages but i have to answer on her own phone cause her mother always wants to check the messages received (for unknown reasons) and it happened to me to forget for a moment and answer on the wrong one with not very polite words :p
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