I know who Possum is!!!


Back now...hopefully
Mar 19, 2002
Mexico city
At first I thought she looked familiar and then it hit me when I saw her pics: I had seen her in another site,but I won't post her pics from that site to this one cause a)I don't have em. and b) she might not want to show them to you all (I saw them cause I am special :lol: ) but oh well;she was banned from that site cause she was too blunt to people.Will that happen here as well?
I think not,since we all are blunt,we ar emetalheads,we have to be gr1m and necr0.

Happy 2004 to you all:hotjump: :hotjump: :hotjump: :wave: :wave: :wave: :Spin:
oh yes manuelgy, please do tell us the link to this site of yours. please? :rolleyes:

[rep nazi]bad rep for you! :loco: [/rep nazi] go on. go see. ;)
Theredintheskyisours said:
I think we are gonna start a ten man fight over her when she probably already has a boyfriend!
mmmmmmmmmmaybe. :tickled:

You guys do this with all the girls dont you? :oops:
Theredintheskyisours said:
She is indeed very, very, very attractive.


Can a girl get any more sexier than that ??