I know who Possum is!!!

I had an entire PM conversation with Possum and didn't catch on. :lol: And I can't remember what was said either. Hope nothing too incriminating!

Funny thing is, I always thought Possum seemed far brighter than her looks implied. But I thought it was just a refreshing change for once. :tickled:
Well, Spike is a bright kid, but misguided, to say the least. *doesn't know what to put a lol, a guh, or an eek here*

ok. fine. whatever. I am spike if it will make you happy? :rolleyes: now, in the meantime while we're all feeling so smug and happy for ourselves, I'm going to ask a friend if I can borrow her cam. so while we're waiting, would anyone like to make a request for a pic of me if it will shut some of you up? go on name a pic. anything. :bah:
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"is hershey serious!? I wanted to show that some people are making idiots of themselves, not make an idiot out of myself! I feel sorry for poor spikey now. and what may I ask is "takamarsu"? - Possum"

nevershine said:

kun pyllistää, niin näkyy "marsu" reisien välistä. get it?

nii-q takaapäin... takamarsu. legendaarinen sanonta.

so.. maybe HEARSE translates?! :D
Hearse said:
pic of you standing on one feet with thoothbrush in your nose and carrot in your mouth while holding a paper that says "anything for you babe". And you do all this in bathrobe :lol:

OK. I don't insert anything anywhere into my body on request, unless of course you were intending to pay for the privelege. and even then there are some things I won't do. I'll leave that one to your imagination though. I did manage to borrow that cam from my friend last night though. you'll get your bathrobe but the rest is just stupid. at least be reasonable will you? I've had enough of the third degree already, if this doesn't satisfy your stupid suspicions I doubt anything will.


It's nice to see you're taking this so seriously hearse.

xenophobe said:
Possum, how about a picture of you and Spike, together. :lol:
did you ever see superman and clark kent in the same place at the same time? ;) seriously though, how and why on earth would you expect me to get a pic of spike let alone of me and spike? I'd have to know where he lived first.

is there anything else? :Smug:
and is someome going to tell me what a "takamarsu" is or what? :err: like say, the guy who decides to post private messages to himself ie: reputation on the forum, yet neglects to actually answer the question in the first place? I assume you speak finnish too considering your location?