I know who Possum is!!!

NICE PIC!!! :oops:

:bah: :D Dont worry.. Takamarsu is a good thing not bad!!! Just ask some finlandare to translate it.. I can´t really..
Hearse said:
Ohh hello mr Schitzofrenic :wave:
or should I say miss?

I thought you were smarter spike, seriously.
How wouldnt possum know where spike lives, when you're using the same ip :rolleyes:
Only thing that is fashinating here is your role that doesn't seem to go away.
But then you always can have a work as "possum" on the streets dressed up like a ladayh.

ps. Spike, get some medication, soonish ;)

meh soo depressed... :rolleyes:
people = shit.. :heh:
more beer.. :dopey:
and a new life.. :mad: