Psycho I Met The Other Night


New Metal Member
Nov 9, 2005
San Diego
I'm new here but had to share this upon my arrival....I was hangin' out with this chick I met after the Exodus show the other night. So we're just fooling around and eventually get into the bedroom. So after a while of the missionary thing, she rolls me over and gets on top. I'm lovin' it. I got a fat joint in one hand, a bottle of Tequila in the other and a hot blonde riding me, ah yes. She's got her hands on my chest to support herself and I'm in heaven. Without me even really realizing it, she slowly starts putting her hands around my neck. Then she starts putting pressure and next thing I know she starts choking me! I'm like "What the fuck?" so I smack her upside the head and go "what the fuck are you doing?" She goes, "I thought you said you were into that!" I'm like, "No way man! Where'd you get that idea? If I were into that I'd be choking the fuck ouy of you right now!" So I did something to her that she had told me she wasn't into as revenge. Well, when I get home and I'm thinking on how funny the whole thing was... I realize what really happened. See in a way, I did tell her I was into erotic asphyxiation, I just didn't know it. You see, we were talking earlier and she asked me with this weird look in here eyes,"Do you get into Suffocation?" This girl's kinda young(20 years old ) and just got into death metal so natually I assume she's refferring to U.S. Death Metal legends Suffocation and wants my opinion on them. So I say, "Fuck Yeah?" And she starts jumping up and down going, "oh, good!" and shit like that. I'm thinking, "Whatever weirdo" So yeah, it was all my fault in a way.... :loco: