your pet name for your significant other

I can't properly answer this question, but if I did have a "significant other", I would probably call them by their actual name.. I really despise pet names for some reason, but I'm just weird like that. Maybe darling, that's acceptable, heh.
oh yeah I call her my queen because said in spanish it's something bus drivers yell to women on the street
but in english sounds classy
'kitten' 'strawbaby'
sickening but she has a thing for cats and strawberries, i get boring stuff like 'honey' or something unoriginal like that.

i have like 19 for her, the rest are classed as offensive weapons when used in public places.
i just call him by name mostly - although he just never seems to get himself into a position to need to call me at all! we sometimes call each other bitch or whore. the only time i ever call him "baby" is when we're in bed.
this friend of mine calls her boyfriend "angel". i think thats sweet.
thebigyetti said:
and sometimes if theyre feelin squirrely, well have a threesome


I never used pet names. Maybe baby, but that would be about it.
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My ex bf called me Pony Pop Princess sometimes :cry:. I miss him.

He used to call me also:
heppa and peippo. *sniff*

I guess I called him by his name and sometimes rakas (= darling or dear).