Some more iced earth news (sick of it yet?) :)


Apr 14, 2001
Heres some more iced news i found! It is as follows......

***I will start with some bad news first....Steve DiGiorgio is no longer a member of Iced Earth. Jon recieved a fax from his manager a couple weeks ago telling him that he is not going to tour with him and since that was part of the agreement of him being a member of IE his statis on Horror Show has been changed to guest musician statis. Jon is not very happy about this cause now they are in search of a new bassist.

Ok now for a lot of happier news. I so far have heard four tracks from Horror Show. Wolf, which is easily the heaviest and fastest song IE has ever recorded, clocking in at 180 beats per minute, Richard Christy shines. Damien which is an incredible song which reaches the depths of creepiness comparable to Dantes Inferno. The Phantom Opera Ghost is an incredible epic (around 14 minutes I believe) which features the help of a female vocallist that sings a duet with Matt through out the song...amazing!! Also heard Dracula which I downloaded from the link I found on the board here. I am very excited about hearing the rest of the CD which I will have in a couple days...I will post a full review if people want.

As far as touring goes..they will not hit the road until August and currently Amorphis has been named the opening act...but as you all know...nothing with touring is never official until it happens.

Since they have a couple months to kill they are hitting the studio again in June to record a CD of cover songs that will be used as part of a box set to be released later through CM. Jim Morris is also going to be re-mixing the first two CDs for the box set. They are creating the box set to get the rights to there back catalog from CM since they are switching labels....currently they are close to signing with Sanctuary Records...but nothing is definate as of yet.***

Cool, a box set and covers album, gotta love that, and i hope they redo the vocals on the first 2 albums with matt!

Yeah DoP is great, but its not ALL the songs! I want them ALL, in order and on an album with matt on vocals dammit, im greedy :)

I dont know when they will get a solid lineup, but Larry, Jon and Matt seem like they are all staying, its just the bass player and the drummer!