(spam) for the melbourne people


Apr 13, 2001
come see my band on friday night at the Central Club in Richmond?

The 30th is going to ROCK hard with 3 awesome Melbourne bands in a great venue.

Xistance's first official gig back, in support of the new album. Playing a unique hybrid of electronic, hard rock and progressive styles. You may have seen Xistance band members recently at Melbourne Shredfest, or as part of Eric "Mr Big" Martin's backing band for his Australian tour.

Freefall have been on the road gigging heavilly as headline acts in their own right, as well as supporting some of Australia's best known rock acts. The boys are in top form and ready to bring the ROCK N ROLL PARTY to the Central Club!

Steve Turner and the Trio are hitting their stride after a series of gigs around Melbourne, including headlining the first Melbourne Shredfest. For fans of rock, metal, progressive and fusion styles, with soaring vocals and instrumental virtuosity - this group needs to be seen (and heard) to be believed.

I would come to that, but my Poison tribute band has a gig that night out in the burbs with Bad Medicine.

I know Steve Turner, see him pretty much every weekend. He's a good singer, never heard him play guitar yet though! Often hangs out at Charltons (karaoke joint in Chinatown) on Fridays, and also knows Julian and comes to see us sometimes. We actually played the Central Club last weekend and he was there. Pretty good stage at that place!
yeah i think we had about 60 people all up which is not bad for a local show, especially as it was our first show and steve's band is still pretty new as well. People seemed to dig it too which is the main thing. I was pretty chuffed.