Sweden Rock Festival

Hehehe...I was thinking of checking the website today because I remembered they wanted to announce the first bands today. I heard a lot of good remarks about that festival and a couple of months back I had the intention to definitely be there. Not sure anymore though. I cannot attend all festivals next summer, can I? :rolleyes:
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So, what do it take for you to get there?

At least one of my favorite bands :)
I would have loved to be there this year, but due to my very bad accident I had at Eastern, I couldn't make it. :cry:
Ok list them. fun to know.
I'll go either if its a band i want to see or not. Actually I would prefer if there wasnt any bands i wanted to see, so could drink more beer and booze. That usually is impossible, couse there are to many bands i want to se, and the beer on the area sucks(IMO) and arnt cheep(Alcohol isnt cheap here in Sweden)
well, judging from this year's line-up and the bands already confirmed for next year there aren't _that_ many bands I would be really interested to see. Brainstorm are rumoured to play, or at least they said they wanted to play the last time I met them (some time in June). It would probably more for the sake of the festival and being in Sweden if I attended it.
Well for you i Germany I can understand that its a hard trip to make just for the festival. I guess it need to be a few band you want to see. For me, well the festival itself is worth it. Highlight right now is Twisted Sisters.
Well it depends on how many you are that make the trip to the festival.
If I take a bustrip to one of your festivals it cost 1300-1600 SEK. But this coming year it MIGHT be a trip to Wacken
Yes it is very expensive, compare to our festivals and we get to see more bands for half of the money you pay. Still I would be interested to join the SRF, if at least a favorite Band plays. I would have been there this year for Lefay and Evergrey but unforunately I had the bad accident in Norway and couldn't make it.