Ted's 2 Days of KISSmas


Your Favorite Uncle
May 28, 2003
the bluegrass state
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I know there's not many KISS fans here but I also know a few of you like Sixxswine, The TROOPER, and maybe old Johnny D will appreciate the next couple paragraphs....If you hate KISS then don't read on....or if you do don't say I didn't warn ya.

Anyways, went to the KISS/Aerosmith show in Louisville Monday night. First, I gotta say I was a little anxious about the show because Ace wasn't there and with KISS opening I knew it wouldn't be the full set I'm used to. My wife got me a FOURT ROW ticket, however, so I knew it couldn't be bad! It was actually an EXCELLENT show if you don't get into the politics of KISS and Ace Frehley and just took it for what it was. Tommy Thayer is a better guitarist. Period. It pains me to say that, but it's true. The band sounded tighter than the last couple tours and Tommy had an "energy" about him that obviously made Gene and Paul want to kick it up a notch. Peter looked like a freak, and even makeup can't save him. I think OZZY is more alert. But Paul and Gene really sounded good and put their hearts into the show. They weren't just going through the motions. Actually, without the peter drum solo and the show moved on a little better. I did miss the smoking guitar, though, but other than that it was a full KISS experience. I have never had that good a seat for KISS. It made my year.

Aerosmith came out and was surprisingly good. They played a lot of Toys era stuff and a lot of blues stuff from their upcoming album. It sounds good and should be worth picking up. Think SRV meets ZZtop meets, well, Aerosmith. Pretty good. Joe Perry comes across great live and I was surprised at how tight Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer are. With all of Aerosmith's WEAKASS songs you forget they can really lay it down. TRAIN KEPT A ROLLIN' was the best song of the night for me....

BUT, the best part (the second day of KISSmas, my true love gave to me)came TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!! My wife picked up a copy of Gene Simmons' new book SEX MONEY KISS and got me a place in line to meet him and have it signed!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just about soiled myself. I'm secure in my masculinity, but let me just say that when I saw the God Of Thunder standing a mere few FEET from me there I was sporting full on chub! hehehe I got up to him and forgot my damn camera...DAMMITTOHELL...but I got to say hello. I didn't know what to say so I just said, "Sir...been a fan for a LONG time. thanks for everything". Lame, I know, but what the hell do you say to one of your childhood heroes in 30 seconds? "No, thank YOU for everything" Gene said. "It's YOU who allow me to do all I do". So that just about made the chubby erupt right there. Not only did I get to meet my childhood idol but he was actually nice to me. I was so scared he'd be a jerk. He evidently loves kids, too because anybody that brought a kid up he was sure to pose specially for them...lifted kids on his shoulder, etc. Seemed to genuinely not mind being there. I left after my brief encounter and it did not feel real at all.

That's about all I can say about this surreal experience. Great seats, and met the man.

Hell yeah.

May all your KISSmases be white!
TVF, You are the man. This is one of the best stories I have heard in a longtime.
Having known you for a few moons, I know that you are a hardcore KISS fan & what a thrill to meet one of your idols! Your old lady has to be winner of "wife of the year."
At least on the Ultimate Metal board!
AWESOME story dude!!

I saw Kiss earlier this year in Australia (the Symphony show) and Tommy was great, and I agree Paul & Gene were awesome still with heaps of energy, especially Paul! That man's voice gets better with age and still has the energy of a 25 year old! Peter sucked though. When I saw them on the Farewell Tour they had Eric Singer drumming and he was AWESOME live, wished he didn't have to wear Peter's makeup though.

Great to hear you had a great night and I have no doubts about rushing out to buy a ticket if the tour comes here next year! (I have a feeling Kiss would be headlining and Aerosmith opening in Australia too, coz Kiss are bigger here than they are in the States, and Aerosmith are smaller here than they are in the States I think)

And I can't believe you met Gene! That's a GREAT story dude, and its awesome to haer that he was nice to you too, I'd be shattered if one of my heroes was a jerk to me! You're a lucky guy!

Man, that's a great story! Glad Gene didn't turn out to be just going through the motions, sounds like he was very cool.

The closest I ever came to meeting a childhood idol was seeing Stan Lee at a comicbook convention. I just stood there, couldn't get up the nerve to get in line to meet him for fear of making an ass of myself. :) I've met rock stars that I like before (ran into Les from Primus in a mall, hungout with the 2 guitar players from Kix in a bar, hungout after a show with my favorite punk band the Groovie Ghoulies, and some others) and never got nervous, but for some reason seeing Stan The Man made me dizzy.... hahaha... I'm just a geek I guess. Gene may have put the fear of God in me though, since KISS is the reason I've been so into music all of my life.... ohhh to be 10 years old and buying my first copy of Love Gun again...... :)
TVF - forgot to mention that there is a cool new KISS dvd out in case you didn't know. It's called The Lost Concert. It's a black and white video from 1976!! I grabbed a copy when looking for that Priest DVD. The quality is pretty good, but the best part is it also includes their 1974 apperance on the Mike Douglas Show. Sounds like you are a big KISS fan so I thought I'd give you a heads up on the DVD.