The Axe-FX pitch capability.


Jocke Skog
Jan 8, 2007
Stockholm - Sweden
Here's a little thing I made today with a Drop C guitar, that I pitched down to Drop F# (Gb) in real time with the Axe-FX pitch shifter. Note the disharmony in the chords in the ride piece and the lack of artifacts. I had to crank the volume, 'cause I got confused when I heard the strings during recording.

Playing 8-string songs with 12-52 strings? Yep.

We (Clawfinger) does that live, and pitch a Drop D down to Drop C for a couple of songs. No problem at all.

Superior2, Steinberger 5-string through the AxeFX, Futura EX w. EMG85. Recto patch.

Have you tried the Recabinet demo with your AxeFX yet? A few of the guys from the Fractal Audio forum are really stoked on it so far - unexpected great news honestly, since I don't have an AxeFX... yet....

I may have to get an AxeFX, the clips I've heard are amazing.... absolutely 100% sounds like tubes, actually better than a lot of tube amp clips.

Thanks a lot guys!

Smy1: Yeah, the hardest thing for a pitch shifter is to get a chord right, disharmonic chords are even more difficult (remember the whammy pedal?) so those dis-chords should be a mess with a -6 drop. Still sounds good though. The tone got too bright (ear fatigue) but I didn't care. ;)
damn, after hearing bulb's clip and now this its making me really want one. that sounds amazing, even more so after knowing its all being pitch shifted down realtime

by the way what did you use for the drums?
holy shit jocke, i feel like you went ahead and did the impossible, i dont understand how this can sound this good when its pitch shifting, its probably your nordic magic powers or something...
You don't really read signatures, right? :lol:

im sure he does, its just a shame you arent the kind of guy who would mention things about studio apartments you co-own with another norwegian black metal band