The best impulses since s-preshigh... And they're free !


Jul 8, 2010
Hey guys !

Some of you know me from some of the facebook music production groups (andy sneap, spf, chango, etc). Since a couple years, I've been in the quest of finding the best guitar tones. I now own a pretty impressive guitar amp collection and I've been experimenting a lot with different combinaisons of cabs and mics and I started doing impulses since last year.

Right now, I have a zip file including 4 FREE mix-ready impulses that consist of different cabs (orange, marshall, mesa) different mics and combinaisons of mics (sm57s, md421, d6, d112, i5, etc). In my opinion, they are the best I've made so far and I'm giving them out for free to all of you !

Here are some pictures of my gear:

Now you probably want to hear how it sounds.. so here are some clips using them :

This first clip begins with one of my impulse, then you can hear one of Joey Sturgis' impulse from his JTW package: vs jtw ir shootout.mp3

Same thing now but against Andrew Wade's impulse (available when purchasing his creative live class) : vs wade ir shootout.mp3

*Note that the chain in those clips is : TSE808, old free beta X50 STOCK settings then the impulse. Nothing else after, no EQ or anything !

Here's some metal mixes done by users of my impulses : joel impules.mp3 impulse.mp3 IR (Metalmiller).mp3 (Thanks MetalMiller for the great example!)

And yes of course, I do reamps !
(For any reamping inquiries, send me a PM for examples and rates)


Now here are the links !

DOWNLOAD HERE : Telos Mini Free IR pack

(Axe FX users: Telos Mini Free IR pack AXE FX II)

If you use them, please post a mix, i'd love to hear it ! :)

In my opinion they are super versatile and authentic to their corresponding cab, while being ready to sit in any mix, from any genre.

I will be making an elaborate pack with more options really soon so keep your eyes open !

Cheers and have a good day :headbang:
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Preview clips sound promising! Will definitely check them out :)
I already asked this in your last thread: Are they pre eq'd, or just miced to sit nicely in a mix?
Sounds awesome from what i heard in those clips! What of those 5 impulses did u use in the clips?
Thanks Rusty Notes ! Gujukal, I think I used ''off axis dc'' in the clips. And Flow of Time, there's some cleaning EQ (HP/LP) but not much.
For Axe FX users, are these impulses long enough to constitute ultra res impulses?

I'm at work right now so can't do any investigation, but I'm always on the lookout for awesome impulses! Thanks for your contribution.
Thanks Rusty Notes ! Gujukal, I think I used ''off axis dc'' in the clips. And Flow of Time, there's some cleaning EQ (HP/LP) but not much.

Everbody gets one.. tell 'em Spidey!
Thanks, ive been using one of your impulses for while now and I love it.

Also, my god those Joey Sturgis IR's sound so horrible. Sounds like im listening to it underwater. I think the Andrew Wade IR sounds a bit better than yours though, I think thats the best IR ive ever used and heard.
Just worked with these 5 little impulses and they are indeed ridiculously good. IMO better than S Pres High ever was. Telos DesIRe and Telos RV SaphIR (57+421) M-OS are quickly becoming favorites. I'm VERY much looking forward to what else you have in store, and I'd be more than willing to pay you for your work.
Really glad everyone is liking them ! Rygar91, yes andrew's impulse sound sick with some eq work and can do better in certain situations for sure. The title was just to catch people's attention, Idt those are the holy grail but they are good nonetheless and I'm happy people are using it :)