The best song from MY ARMS YOUR HEARSE

...And the best MAYH track is...

  • Prologue

    Votes: 1 1.9%
  • April Ethereal

    Votes: 10 18.9%
  • When

    Votes: 13 24.5%
  • Madrigal

    Votes: 1 1.9%
  • The Amen Corner

    Votes: 2 3.8%
  • Demon of the Fall

    Votes: 14 26.4%
  • Credence

    Votes: 4 7.5%
  • Karma

    Votes: 5 9.4%
  • Epilogue

    Votes: 3 5.7%

  • Total voters
When will probably best Demon of the Fall, since people seem to be shunning it in its newfound popularity ;)

When has a fantastic blend of all things Opethian, with dramatic emotional shifts and moving lyrics.

The Amen Corner is the sleeper hit of the album. People don't ever really talk about it, but it's there. Nestled between Madrigal and Demon.. oooh so good.
Massively difficult.

I love Karma and Amen Corner and agree that they are "unsung heroes" of Opeths illustrious catalogue. Credence is a very special song for me, and Demon of the Fall is a concert-closing fan favourite. Hmmm... my vote goes to "When" - it possesses elements of all that is Opeth.
Damn, you people seem to be forgeting about one of the best song ever produced, namely Epilogue. :p

I really think it's one the most incredible song i have ever heard in my entire life. The guitar work is amazing, it's not their most accomplished song but it's just done so perfectly and 'to the point'. Bravo to Fredrik Nordström for the simple yet incredible organ music which gives this song a Pink Floyd feeling i must say. Very unique indeed.
My vote goes to Karma, slightly ahead of April Ethereal and When, which I consider to be the same song, even though, as everybody keeps saying, the whole album can be thought of very easily in that way...

I love that maniacal riff at the end which is quickly cut off in an almost serene fashion by that soft chord. Extremely worthy lyrical conclusion (I haven't forgotten Epilogue...but I don't hear those words)

Good Karma for everybody.
My favourite part of Karma is that bit right after "you have nothing more to lose" that goes for about a minute or so. It's great... and, yeah, epilogue is beautiful... it's one of those songs I can hearly clearly in my head out of silence as if it was actually playing... I had to write that because it just happened while I was typing... I don't think that's ever quite happened that "opaquely" before. Hmmm... But comparing it to a 9 minute track like When or April Ethereal is difficult. Yes, I know we should disregard silly ideas like length, but that puts a lot more music into a song and therefore more loveable melodies and therefore more memorable moments.

I like to use dot-dot-dots a lot.
MAYH is DEFINATELY my fav opeth album, and i always thought of it as one 52 minutes long song..... i chose Karma as i reckoned it probably won't get any votes, i guess i was wrong.... should've voted for The Amen Corner

also, am i the only one who simply adores the irony in the fact that "Madrigal" is an instrumental? :)
Originally posted by HoserHellspawn
I love Karma and Amen Corner and agree that they are "unsung heroes" of Opeths illustrious catalogue

yea man, me too, it took a while to like these but now they are my favourite.

I'm the only one so far that voted for the amen corner, what's wrong with you people? heheh;)

all the best..

Easy Enough I suppose......It'd have to be 'When' followed by 'Epilogue', both brilliant in their own unique way........ I'm glad no ones voted for prologue yet.....or have they........?

April Etherial without a doubt. I'm surprised Epilogue even got one vote. It's easily Opeth's worst song. Sounds like some 70's sleazy classic rock rip-off, and doesn't fit Opeth's identity at all.

By the way, I voted for prologue :p
I can't really pick one. At times, several were my favorites, then as I listened to them repeatedly they were replaced by more neglected ones. Right now I'd have to say Demon, Karma, and Epilogue. I just love the end of Karma, it's one of the best moments in their music, though that similar part in BWP might top it for me. I'm glad some people are pushing Epilogue also, it's just such an emotional and inspiring song somehow.

What's my favorite MAYH song?? Yikes! That's my favorite album...and that being the case and all...that's practically impossible. Someone put it best when they said, "My Arms, Your Hearse is like one 52 minute song to me." I agree, because of the storyline and all.

I've been calling Prologue, April Ethereal, When and Madrigal one song since....SINCE THE FIRST TIME THE CD HAD COMPLETED IT'S FIRST SPIN. That does not mean that I don't just love the fuck out of Amen Corner, Demon of the Fall, Credence, Karma AND Epilogue...because I totally do.

I've always said When is my favorite, but it's getting to the point, were I can't exclude the rest. They all...ALL have some kick ass, now that's I've concluded nothing, I'll go.