The Drapery Falls (Radio Edit)

Apr 16, 2009
Blackwater Park
The Drapery Falls (Radio Edit)
Does anyone have that version? I and many others really need it for full collection! Only that song left for full discography of Opeth. Does anyone have it? Can someone share with us?
P.S. Sorry for wasting your time and for a bad English!
It's hardly worth it, since it's just the album version with a crude fade-out at 5:05, right before the first death vocals come in...

But if you really must have it, it's easy to obtain on Koch's "Loud Music for Loud People" compilation which frequently appears on eBay for very little money. It rarely appears on P2P networks.

The short (4 minutes and change) radio edit of Deliverance is also easy to get on compilations that way. Unfortunately, the longer (6 and a half minute) Deliverance edit only seems to be available on the impossible-to-find promo single itself. Has anyone ever found a compilation that features that one?