The KISS box set...


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Apr 16, 2001
Enfield, South Australia
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... is coming out later this year apparently, to be produced by Tommy Thayer.

About time too! How many years have they been promising us this thing?

I hope we'll get to hear demos and unreleased tracks from *all* the various band lineups, and that it won't be just another compilation. This is too good an opportunity to waste on a cash-in job, but whatever form it takes, I'll be buying it :D .


Not that I don't already have enough of the Kiss catalogue to catch up on!
I still need Destroyer, Gene Simmons, Peter Criss (I know, its crap... but I want everything!), Music From The Elder, Animalize, Asylum, Crazy Nights, Smashes Thrashes & Hits, Revenge, MTV Unplugged, and You Wanted The Best. Not to mention about 4 more of their videos. It never ends!

And speaking of this boxset... where the hell is ALIVE IV! I WANT IT! Although I downloaded a track from it off Napster... Hotter Than Hell, and it sounded really really bad. The singing was out of tune, the guitars were out of time, the production sucked... Hmm.

Maybe it was a bootleg and somebody named it wrong...
Troops, the so-called "Alive IV" songs floating around on Napster are from Dodger Stadium 31/10/98, the first show of a shitty tour in support of a shitty album (Psycho Circus). No wonder they sound so bad, huh?

Alive IV was recorded on New Years Eve 1999 in British Columbia, Canada. The reason it hasn't come out yet is because of record company politics. KISS are now signed to Def Jam (I can't believe it either. Can you imagine Gene in a backwards baseball cap and baggy trousers saying things like "Hey, yo! Word up mutha?") and want to renegotiate their contract before they release anything else. It'll probably end up in the vault for years, just like Carnival of Souls :mad: .


PS: Shame on you for not having Destroyer yet! Where are your priorities, my lad? :lol: