The lyrics of Harvest


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May 22, 2001
The last time Mikael sings through the "chorus" of Harvest there is a background voice singing something that I can't make out. It starts after the third line of the chorus (don't have the track time). I can make out the first word to be "release" or "reached". Maybe it's a repetition of "reached and touched my face" but I don't know. Anyone who knows or can make it out?

Johan: I can make out the first word to be "release" or "reached". Maybe it's a repetition of "reached and touched my face" but I don't know.
It is 5.05 into the song and is much more than that, I have tried to decifer it also, but could not work it out either.
I think I heard the words, 'relieve your, let me go, this night'? (or maybe not?) Sounds lovely though doesn't it!
(If you do not have the lyrics and would like them let me know, I am happy to type them out for you.)
Now that I listen again it sounds like "relieve your pain" something... ends with "night" yes, but nooo idea what's inbetween except for that outdrawn o-sound ;)
I love that song so much :) The lyrics are :

Stay with me awhile
Rise above the vile
Name my final rest
Poured into my chest
Pledge yourself to me
Never leave me be
Sweat breaks on my brow
Given time ends now
Spirit painted sin
Embers neath my skin
Veiled in pale embrace
Reached and touched my face
Into the orchard I walk peering
way past the gate
Wilted scenes for us who couldn't wait
Drained by the coldest caress,
stalking shadows ahead
Halo of death, all I see is departure
Mourner's lament but it's me who's
the martyr

Thats not complete tho I don't think
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i am so glad that johan started this thread!!!! ive been wondering what the background vocals on the last chorus section of harvest drives me mad everytime i hear it! well....not's my fav. part of the song....:D
If you never ask anything you'll never get any answers ;)
But sometimes, when you ask you won't get the answer anyway. :(

Doesn't look like anyone can really make out what he's saying...

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Well I got this from Mikael himself apparently:

'The line missing in "Harvest" is:
"Release your grip, let me go into this sight"'

And thank you very much, Mikael!!
Very cool! Now I can understand it clearly. I never really noticed that part to much then when you mentioned it, it started to bother me not knowing what it was and all.