The Sopranos

dorian gray

Returning videotapes
Apr 8, 2004
yeah, i was never able to watch this show because i dont have cable. a few months ago though, i was like, "uuhhh....why dont i rent this shitz from netsux?" so i did. the wife and i have watched every damn episode over the past couple months or so (depending on how much netsux can slow down my order). man, this show rules. the writing and acting are top notch. ive never seen anything that comes close except for maybe Deadwood but it only has one season under its belt - not really competetive yet.

anyway, anyone else a big sopranos fan? favorite episodes? my two are the one where chris and paulie take that russian dude out in the woods to kill him but end up losing him and the other one is when the gang gets together to intervene with chris's heroin addiction.

btw, please dont spoil anything for me because i havent seen season 5 yet....and the sopranos is all i have to live for.
the SOPRANOS rules ... enough said ... been watching it since the beginning ... Season 5 is one of the best :kickass:
^i have no idea. maybe something in season 5 or if not, the upcoming season? again, no spoilers please.
never seen it but probably should. god damn i'm not usually a huge fan of hbo shows though, generally speaking they just fucking are fucking like fucking typically fucking boring fucking dramas fucking just fucking with fucking more fucking cuss fucking ing.
Oz is next for us. or maybe six feet under. also cant wait until this season of deadwood comes out on dvd.
Six feet under is gay. Oz has some assrape and gayness but makes up for it in poking out eyes, impaling people with crucufixes, building walls with priests in them and hanging.
dude all hbo shows will have gaymansex, it's just what they do.

i never watch hbo, but i watched 6 feet under on dvd last week and what did i see? GAYMANSEX. last time i watched hbo was 17 years ago in some shitty hotel up north and what were they showing? GAYMANSEX.