The Sopranos - Greatest TV show ever??


Sexy Bastard
Apr 16, 2001
A pub,Perth.
I firkin' love this show - anybody else get into it?

Oh yeah,isn't it weird how all of my favorite shows start with the letter S

South Park
Sex And The City
Sons & Daughters:D
Never watched it. It's one of those `critically acclaimed' jobs I always never watch. Just like The West Wing or Frasier... btw what's so funny about this show? I watched it a few times and it was dead boring. Now, if you wanna talk REAL television shows you can't go past Freaks & Geeks (series finale this week :( ), The Micallef Pogram, Father Ted, Red Dwarf when ABC bothers to put it on and Dr Katz which returns to our screens this week on SBS! WOO!
HOLY SHITBALLS!!!!! Kem!!!!! You watch Freaks and Geeks?? I used to watch that show and LOVED it... but I thought it got taken off?? When is it on? It used to be on Monday nights on Ch 9 after the news... when is it on?? Tell me damn it!!
I don't know about Perth. I know it's not on in Melbourne anymore. We have it on late-ish Friday nights on channel 9 - usually around 11:30

That show rules! I hope they keep it on.