The Unofficial Darkspyre thread

Hey man.

Well, I was thinking of posting an official update message on our myspace page at some point but since you asked...

I'll be a little more forthcoming about what I'm about to say since only the people that really give a shit will bother to read this forum anyway.

Basically, after SD broke up I was all excited to start up a new band and write new music and all that but I slowly became more and more aware of the fact that I was just burnt out. Burnt out on being in a band, the music "biz", the metal "scene" and even playing my guitar. I stopped going out to see other bands in the area as well. I became very uninspired to write at all. I lost touch with Jay. I even *gasp* shaved all my hair off. Yep.

When people asked me about it I've been replying that I'm just "taking a break". I knew that I would eventually come back to it however.

Anyway, I have recently got the itch to want to get back into it. I think I really did need a break. A lot of people have been asking me about Darkspyre lately, and that has helped to inspire me. I still have not written any new material other than one song I wrote a year ago (though I have a folder of recorded ideas). Right now I am just trying to get back into playing my guitar. I do not want to rush the writing process. I am going to take my time, and when I have enough material for an album, it will get recorded. My number one goal is to record an album that I am completely happy with at the end of the day.

I got in touch with Jay recently, and he has pretty much been in the same boat. He has pretty much been taking a break as well. He has some other things taking up a lot of his time at the moment but he is still interested in Darkspyre and said he will hopefully be ready to jump on board when I am ready.

Once we get an album written we may see if there are any other musicians interested in being in the band. If not, we'll record it ourselves, and probably have a couple guest musicians if needed. I am planning on doing all of the vocals at this point.

So, the bottom line is there is no ETA, but a Darkspyre album will happen. We might get some rough demos posted sometime in between now and then.

Anyway, I apologize for falling off the face of the earth. I really appreciate you guys that keep checking in.

Take care,

That's some exciting news, man. I'm glad to hear the juices are starting to flow again. I think we all understand that when it comes to matters of passion and creativity, you just have to do what you feel driven to do. Whatever shape that may take. And sometimes that means going dark for awhile. That's cool.

Good luck with getting back in the groove of things. :headbang:
I knew there was a reason I still occasionally checked in on this page :D

Whenever you get something out there Jeff I'll be there ready to listen!
Alright, Max has already heard it, but I just PMed you other guys an audio sample, just to give you an idea. This track is rated "not yet ready for public consumption".