SHADOW DEMON parts ways

no way in hell they'd do that.

I wanted to hear more growls in the CD previously whereas only 1 song has them as a key feature.

what really bites after listening to it more and more wants to have a Dark Citadel Part II made.
If my vocals ever sound like metalcore PLEASE tell me so I can change them or fire myself from doing them altogether.

DCII...yeah I have thought about it but I'm not going to say it's in the immediate plans. It would really have to feel right.
so far it looks fine. Nothing really new other than a potential new member on the horizon and no add bands comment.

Its informative to the ignorant sheep who haven't heard of Shadow Demon, all it does for us is frustrate us wondering what position is possibly being filled.:Smokin:
Sorry I meant I updated the bio on the Shadow Demon website and myspace page. :lol:

On the website it's under the "band" link and on the myspace page I just put it on the main page.

It's a little more time line specific than any of the bios in the past have been.