The Virgin Black


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May 16, 2001
Surbiton. The Posh bit
I've now got two copies of this band's fantastic CD, thanks to the band themselves sending me a copy, so I've decided to set up a little compitition for the spare.

The first person to answer the following question by email gets the CD:

What label are The Virgin Black signed to in Europe?

(This could also read "What bunch of complete bastards signed the band before I even had a chance..." :()

I'll let the winner know by email.


Lee B
I sent you an email using this boards I hope it worked..because I could not find your email listed..So if you get an email from foxdvd..but it has not return email, my email is I hoped it worked. :) I never won anything before :)
oh..and I could be fact it is a good chance I am wrong, so if you know for sure who it is, I would jump on the email quick!
You were right and you've won the CD :)

Virgin Black are a great band, and I'm sure most on this Opeth board would appreciate 'em.

I get a lot of promos through the mail that I don't really care for, so I may make this a regular thing.


The End Records has 'em in the US... will be releasing them in October with some sort of special packaging...

I have the Trance CD, and now this new one on CDr (courtesy The End, I don't bootleg. :) )... and... on both... the same reaction...

Tedious to get through. Ah well...