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Aug 2, 2016
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Kalloused are a unique band, embracing a new mix of genres which is the offspring of sludge, post-hardcore and blackened doom. Taking the distance from an over abused approach to heaviness, they found their spot mixing noisy post-hardcore and slow paced riffage through a highly corrosive formula.
One of the most incredible debuts coming from UK this year!
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VIII "Decathexis"

We do believe this album deserves your attention and will be undoubtedly a hell of a record which can be truly defined as one of the best black metal releases of the year so far. It's avantgardish and experimental, mixing black metal, industrial, jazz, and prog.
This goes over the average black metal record you might happen to listen to.

Worldwide Premiere: ".. we’re looking at what could prove to be one of the best albums of the year. A definite year-end contender from this writer." [TOMETAL.COM]

Spain/SouthAmerica premiere: ".. un currazo bestial que le han puesto y totalmente recomendada.."4/5[NECROMANCE.EU]

UK/NorthEurope: "Unorthodox, jarring and excellent, ‘Decathexis’ is an album you should strive to hear." [THE KILLCHAIN]

".. another great sounding album from VIII and if you are a fan of avant garde black metal, you should check out this recording." [OCCULT BLACK METAL ZINE]

".. VIII is a raw as fuck, personal release that delves into the mental anguish of one of Europe’s best kept black little secrets." [ABSIT OMEN WEBZINE]

"Lascetevi quindi ammalliare da questo stupendo affresco d’avanguardia che, nonostante la lunga durata, sa conquistare dal primo ascolto." [METALPIT.IT]

"The technical performance is often excellent, and I’d even go so far as to say that from a stylistic standpoint,VIII are on the cusp of something truly fantastic." [THE SLUDGELORD]

"Mashing lyrical, melodic but still very subdued black metal with massively clattering discord, Decathexis‘s intrigue is a union of the “holy duality” which defines a successful “weird” black metal album." [INVISIBLE ORANGES]

"If you think you have the stomach for an album as malignant and plagued as this, then approach with all due care and protection." [WONDERBOX METAL]

Pre-orders are running now!

Grizzlyman is a straight kick in the teeth! Three tracks which move between sludge/doom, post, and heavy riffage, taking the listener into an amazing 15 minutes journey through the beast in man! This is a killer debut and the perfect introduction to a band which is going soon to make the difference in the European heavy scene!
Pre-orders are running now!

The Italian band SIMULACRO, supported by Third I Rex, will be releasing its new full-length album in September this year.
The new opus, will see the return of the Sardinian band following the previous work "Fall of the Last Idol" back in 2013. It will be officially released just six months after the band's new EP "SuperEgo" (currently available on digital through the band's bandcamp page), a mini album which has highlighted the return of the band to the scene. SIMULACRO already collected real positive feedbacks at the time of the first LP, both in Italy and abroad.
SIMULACRO have always developed interesting concept albums. As well with this new work, they aimed to create something unique in order to push their music over the classic black metal roots of the band.
Anamnesi, the band's drummer and multitalented musicians already part of important Sardinian and Italian acts, has explained some of the ideas used in the band's new album:

"The album's atmospheres mainly arise from ideas of introspection, meditation, and self-analysis. We use these ideas to better understand our place in this world, and our own individual spirituality. As a result of this introspection we try to foresee what we become when we let the events, our passions or mere conformism dictate our behaviour; what happens when we don't strive for control of our actions and thoughts. these are all nefarious visions, that bring no solace. Yet, there's hope in facing the lethargy afflicting the soul.
The spiritual quest for truth, so personal, intimate and sacred, becomes one with life. We need to seek it far from light and from external influences so that our senses won't be overwhelmed by excessive information."


"It can be quite a relief when the promo materials for an album are so refreshingly honest. In stark contrast with the hordes of second-wave imitators or old-school death metal acts who claim to be taking their chosen genres in new direction, Wrnss, the debut album from Italian band Abisso, is accompanied by promo text that is right on the money. It’s not a hugely groundbreaking record in terms of style – something the promo materials acknowledge head-on – but the mix of Deathspell Omega-esque black metal and subtle industrial elements is certainly interesting, and holds long-lasting appeal. It makes Wrnss an album that lives up to the expectations of its influences, but also has plenty to say itself; a clear case of inspiration rather than imitation.
Whilst Deathspell Omega are, undeniably, one of the biggest names and influences when it comes to modern black metal, it’s unusual to hear a band so overly drawing inspiration from them. Most acts will throw in a few hints of discord here and there, casting subtle glances at those French titans as if in the hopes no one will notice. Abisso take a very different approach, and embrace whole-heartedly the soul-searing wrongness that make Deathspell Omega such a well-regarded band. They never come across as being in the shadow of their more well-known peers though, and Abisso’s own identity is clear from the outset. The almost post-rock sections that had the mainstream music media fawning over Fas – Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum are absent, though Abisso do not lack for dynamics and texture; they may be wrapped in dizzyling complex structures and deeply unsettling atmospheres, but there are strong metal songs forming the structure on which the band build. There are even hints of Mgla at times, most notable during closer “V”.
As would be hoped for from a black metal album of this style, Wrnss does not present all of its strengths up-front, and many aspects and subtle features only become more readily apparent after several listens. Giving yourself time to adjust and adapt to the sound and atmosphere of the album is key, especially as even the relatively sparse moments are heavy in dread and a malevolent atmosphere – see the closing moments of “III” for a prime example. The tempo is slowed and the music becomes slightly more spacious, but it only serves to highlight how dreadful (in the best possible way) the album is. Then there are the more intense, full-on moments, which can be absolutely punishing both in ways typically expected of extreme metal – with pummeling drums, vicious guitars, and harsh vocals full of power and command – or, as during “IV”, in more progressive, almost avant-garde ways, with guitar and bass movements that show a remarkable contempt for convention. It’s further evidence of how Abisso take what their influences have done, but produce something that is so clearly their own.
Perhaps what impresses me most of all about Wrnss is how it pulls you in to its world with such ease. It may be a difficult listen, but even the first play is highly rewarding, and it only gets better from there. The initial rush of head-spinning excitement is joined by a growing understanding with each listen, and that long-lasting appeal is something so many other black metal records aiming for this kind of discord fail to achieve. There is a lot at play on this album, and much of it only becomes revealed with time. If you’re looking for a black metal album full of confidence, darkness, and that you won’t get bored of after the initial thrill has gone, then Wrnss will serve you well."