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May 28, 2003
the bluegrass state
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I stopped in a used cd store today in Scottsburg Indiana...didn't buy anything, but get this...the guy has a copy of Metallica's Master of Puppets on cd behind the counter for $25. What the hell??? He has a sign below it..."Out of Print". Now, I already own this on vinyl, cassette and cd...but he says, "Oh yeah, man. Just like the Garage Days's out of print and once they're gone they're gone. You won't be able to buy it anywhere but ebay". Well, his stupidity alone was enough to make me not want to give him any of my $$$(plus, I'm holding out or the Hear N Aid disc)but it did make me wonder. Surely this ain't true. Why would one of the top selling albums from a platinum band go out of print? Just thought I should bring this up to you guys......................... silly, but that's what he said.
You should have went to the mall and bought 10 copies and offered them to that guy for 20 bucks a pop. :) "But sir, you can sell them for $25 and make $50 of these 10 copies"....... what a smuck. If it is out of print it will be reissued within a year, remastered and with bonuses and all the bells and bobles.
We all know someone will fall for his sells pitch and he will get his $25. I wouldn't pay $25 if it were the last one on earth.
IcedMadness said:
I don't get how these guys can justify the price for a cd if cost was next to nothing. That's just ridiculous (I can't spell).

You're right, when talking bout new releases. They are ripping us off!

But when you're talking about something out of print and "collectable" it's a whole new ballgame.
That would be cool if Metallica was going back to remaster all the albums before Load. It would be really cool if they put live soundboard recordings of shows from that album, kinda like Priest did. Imagine hearing Phantom Lord and Jump In The Fire from the Kill Em All tour and maybe Trapped Under Ice and even Orion live. I bet they'd find a really bitchin way to package it too.