Thrash help!


Apr 14, 2001
A lot of the people here seem to know almost scary amounts of info about 80s thrash, so I figured this would be the place to ask :)

Have any of you heard of a band called Ghost Story? They had an album called Seeds Of Destruction, and were from North Carolina in the USA.

Does anyone know anything about them or where I might be able to find their albums or anything?
First of all it was a demo/ bootleg and very hard to find and as far as i know they were out of cali
but here is what i found and this link is some guy that does a lot of trading no selling just tradeing
he has 9 copy's of Ghost Story (CA) Demo "The Seeds of Destruction" US --/--/1989 it has 4 track on it it's 20 minutes long
sorry man thats all i could find