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Jan 16, 2002
Well.. you ask what is so special about left-handeds,
they´re just
people who use their left hand,
more than their right hand.

NO! They are all highly intelligent superior beings who will conquer the world.

Lets think:
Adolf Hitler was Austrian
- he was maniac
- he was right-handed
- he had moustache
- he spoke german
- he hated Jews

And if person A is:
- from Europe
- has mental problems
- has forgot to shave
- speaks german, at least under influence of alcohol (liquid of fire)
- has worn white clothes (which refers to Klu-Klux Klan)
- is right-handed

Diagnosis: Person A is pure treath against humanity.
He/She/It probaly hates minoritys and organizes huge demonstrations against immigrants and persons with dark pigment (with his/her/its language "my pals").
Has chamfered nazi symbols into his right arm, for example swastika. At night he/she/it hears mocking voices which are calling him to join the unholy tribe of Lada sacrificing for the great
Summ: Just a lazy, worthless nazi punk.

And if person B is:
- from Europe
- has mental problems
- has forgot to shave
- speaks german, at least under influence of alcohol (liquid of fire)
- has worn white clothes (they could get dirty very easily)
- is left-handed

Diagnosis: Person B is normal underestimated person.
He/She/It has stubble which explains why females nor males doesn´t want kiss him/her/it.
He lives europe which means he/she/it has good chaces to get into DT´s gig.
Wearing white clothes means that he/she/it can control him-/her-/itself and he/she/it doesn´t have fear of staining clothes.
Summ: Elite of mankind

Ok! Call me a spammer but remember............. .............. ............
........... something that I didn´t... :D :D :D
Judging by the extremely clever way of thinking in the post above, I assume someone has spoken so much german that he can't differentiate his left hand from his right - at least not before tomorrow morning, that is. :rolleyes:

Oh, and be prepared to find something messy on your white shirt tomorrow as well. :puke:

-Villain (who needs a shave)
i'm left-handed and - as you probably know already - i'm unquestionably superior and gifted with better skills, higher intelligence.
damn, i spilled milk all over my underpants.

@skald: Maybe you´re exception...or you´re great and you´re also modest that don´t think yourself as superior humanbeing.

@rahvin: I think you´re little bit arrogant...unlike me. :D
We should also remember, in this ode to left-handed people, that Jack-the-ripper was also left-handed. One can only marvel at the precise cuts that left-handed genius inflicted to his patients.

That said, I still would not want to be left-handed. They live, on the average, 9 years less than right-handed people.
@general8: least Jack The Ripper had very good hand control.. But where do you need these 9 years???
One might ask, where does one need any years. In the sake of effectiveness, the left-handed people might propose one year life span for every human?

Perhaps I'm strange, but I appreciate those 9 years. For example, if as a right-handed person I happened to die when I was 25 years old, I would have died as 16 year old had I been left-handed. To me that sounds like a sucky deal. But, I guess some people prefer to die a bit earlier if only they get to be a little more jack-the-ripperesque as exchange.
@general8: my first 25 years as a left-handed individual have been so eventful and rich of exquisite experience, that i already feel more like 34-y-o for average of outlook on life, sense of responsibility and storage of invaluable information. :loco: :lol:

I'm right-handed, but sometimes if i need to use both pencil and chalks almost at the same time and i'm too lazy to change every time i use also the left hand....and then i must erase all the abomination that i have drawn :lol:
@rahvin: Have always felt that you´re better than others?

Are we all one with the everlasting flame?

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