Thread about how great left-handeds are...

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bla, bla, bla... *boring speech* bla, bla... sense of responsibility and storage of invaluable information.

See? He's completely uncapable of evaluate the information that he has storaged! :bah: :lol:

|ngenius (Right-handed and feeling his stupidity rise)
Now I would like to announce that I don´t have anything against right-handeds... Everyone of my friends is right-handed.
@rahvin: When it is about me: Your great joke,created with your leftists brains, had not all of its power because of my inferior vocabulary (don´t know what all kind of things that words can really mean)... But I can guess.
RealHazard said:
(don´t know what all kind of things that words can really mean)... But I can guess.

nothing up my sleeve this time, dear naku: the "suggestions" of this word are probably the things you're guessing right now, and that's about it. :)

General8 said:
But, I guess some people prefer to die a bit earlier if only they get to be a little more jack-the-ripperesque as exchange.

Well, I think Jack was making some people die before him, maybe it was
his anger at the shorter lifespan, he was just evening the odds ;)

BTW, my left hand has no idea what the right has planned for it...
Btw, I would horrible for left hand if the right hand grapped a knife and started to make cuttings to left hand. :(
Damn those teensluts, they infect my mind. Someone should set a halt to their "AGONY"..
Studies DO show that lefties are more intelligent since they use their brain more globally. *heil lefties*
But the left handed people are hated by most fencers. I snapped a steel fencing blade on one lefty when he was pissing me off.

I have nothing against leftys, but I'm right handed and it is easier in some ways. I do use my left hand more when playing bass, so right handed guitarists need more finesse with their left hand.