Time to talk about Immortal Soul!

Hard Lovin' Man

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Sep 6, 2011
As title says, I think it's time to post our impressions on Riot's last studio album!

After almost 10 days I'd say that this album is definitely killer, there are a lot of songs which are impressive, and when I can't choose the three best songs out of twelve it means that what I listened to is a damn good album.

Riot is impressive, 5 minutes that teaches so much to a lot of shitty metal bands of today, and so are Wings are for Angels, Still your Man, Believe and Echoes. I also loved the strange Crawling, the lead guitar and vocal lines are so good... I also loved Fall Before Me and Insanity since the first time I heard them, and so the chorus of Sins of the Father, even if the verse is particoular and if it isn't as good as the chorus, but that's just my opinion. Majestica is great, but the only song that didn't impressed me is the title track, I think it can't stay along with the other tracks, but that's not a problem, it's good anyway ahahah.
I loved also Whiskey Man, such a great comeback to the early 80's period!

What else can I say, I wish a lot of other groups could pull off such great songs after so many years of career, and I think that the passion and the skills of the whole band, as musicians and most of everything as songwriters, are very noticeable.

If I should give it a mark I would give it 9/10. Riot made it another time:worship:
I couldn't agree more. I feel like I've been waiting for this album for 20 years...probably because I have been! There aren't a lot of albums from 20 some-odd years ago that still hold constant presence on my iPod, but the two Tony Moore-fronted Riot albums are two of them. Thundersteel and Privilege of Power just don't seem to age. And now here's Immortal Soul that not only recaptures the specifically unique sound of that era, but also manages to update it so it sounds new and fresh.

I've had the CD since release day, and I just keep coming back to it. I've picked up a few discs since, including Arch/Matheos and the new Symphony X, and I can't manage to pull myself away from Immortal Soul long enough to give those others any kind of real listen. That alone is a testament to how solid this disc is. I find myself humming the chorus to Still Your Man while I work. Crawling continually goes round and round in my head...in a good way.

I had serious concerns, ahead of the release, as to how good Tony's vocals would be. After all, a long time has passed. If you want to know what can happen to someone's voice, just listen to Geoff Tate! But Tony is as great as ever...frankly, its somewhat amazing. And of course, there's Mark Reale. Seriously...does it get much better than him? I think not.

The show in January in VA is 4+ hours from where I live. I might just have to make the drive.
Ever since I heard about the Riot Thundersteel Reunion I have been pumped up about this release. Riot has not disappointed and this is my pick for album of the year! I've lived with the cd for over a month now but I received my double LP vinyl today and all I can say is wow! The vinyl really brings out the best in this awesome album as it has a richer, fuller sound. I cannot wait to see this band live at JAXX next month. I hope they have plenty of different shirt designs as I am planning on updating my wardrobe. :kickass:
Recordings like Immortal Soul come along very rarely,and for Riot this release shows the magic and camaraderie between these guys has never left them,excellent, a pure gem...great to be a Riot fan...looking forward to the live experience again.