To Bid You Farewell..


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Jun 15, 2005
hey people (hello forum),

im a huge fan of opeth (mainly their softer work) and am absolutely in love with tracks "to bid you farewell", "a fair judgement", "hope leaves", "windowpane", "Dirge For November", "Patterns In The Ivy" and was wondering if anyone could help me out with some similar bands that play similar music to these songs...any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

seb :D
If you look for music because you want more of another band, you'll always be disappointed. It's better to try new music without comparing or expecting it to be like anything else.
If you like the softer parts of Opeth, you'd love Ulver's Kveldssanger album. It's basically Norwegian folk music (done by the then black metal band Ulver).
Just go and get the Damnation album, its all softer songs. Also try the Deep Purple song, Soldier of Fortune. Opeth covered that during the Damnation tour. You may also like Porcupine Tree, mainly the song Heartattack In A Lay By.
Yeh I was about to recommend PT. Not at all like Opeth really but most fans like both.
bangadrian said:
the album bergtatt by ulver is generally considered their best, although their career is pretty all over the place, so sometimes it's hard to compare. but the one i mentioned has a nice forest-y feel to it, you'll probably like it

Bergtatt is only considered the best by retards who think metal is the best genre of music by far.