To Rid the Disease Interpretations


Sep 2, 2003
Long Island
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I'm looking for a good interpretation on the lyrics in To Rid the Disease. I'm just wondering what Mikael meant when he said that the song is very evil on the dvd...maybe he just meant that it sounds evil, which I guess it does.
I though you had one :(

Anyways, there probably isn't any interpretation on the net. I think there's too little discussion like this on that subject.

That guy which was supposed to ask them a bunch of question form us (the board) had your question as one of them.
'There's innocence torn from its maker
And stillborn, the trust in you
This failure has made the creator
So would you tell him what to do'

Maybe abortion? I dunno,maybe taking it to literaly...
Dudes, Im not sure, but Im pretty sure(hehe) that this was one of the songs that Mr. Renkse wrote for Mikael since he was almost in tears at trying to finish damn Damnation (hehe). I dont know, maybe someone coping with some kind of disease or something, can't really take any Opeth lyrics too literal.