Top 20 Death Metal Guitarists According to Decibel

sweet, I'll check em out.

any reason why there seems to be so much dislike towards saurian...? I think it is very tasteful and well written.

It just comes off as "cheap" to me, not to mention it annoys me that it is coming off as some "Egyptian" folk/ambient release when it is nothing more than simple Middle Eastern scales and shit, as we've not in modern times found anything on Egyptian musical scales/compositions iirc.
well tell me, what you would consider to be great ambient/folk so I can see how this album is so "mediocre"...
try some of these as well:
Dead can Dance-Within the Realm of a Dying Sun
Puissance-Mother of Disease
Sol Invictus- anything, but personally I like Lex Talionis the most
Nature and Organization- Beauty Reaps the Blood of Solitude
Triarii_Piece Heroique
Arcana-Dark Age of Reason
L'Orchestre Noir-Eleven
Tenhi- Maaaet
Gae Bolg and the Church of Fand-John Barleycorn Must Die/ La Ballade de l'Ankou
Nature and Organization- Beauty Reaps the Blood of Solitude

its organisation but yes this album is dope

also you cant really mention N&O without mentioning current 93 and michael cashmore.....the new albums from both are pretty good
I think its a pretty good list, sure its no where near perfect but it's got one of my favourite guitarists up there (robert vigna) but he should've been at least top 10 :mad:
Good list, James Murphy wipes the floor with Shuldiner though if we're talking technical ability. As does Paul Masvidal, who hasn't been included for some reason.
I agree and every other guitarist in death except Rick Rozz. Andy from King Diamond is so much better and chuck only let him write a few short solos and things like that are bullshit. Chuck barley let Paul do anything and he wipes the floor with him also.