Transformers DVDs


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Jul 31, 2002
Does anybody have the Transformers season DVDs? I plan on getting them, but I kind of want to know what special features are on it and if they're good. Anyway, as a side note, Transformers rule.:)
There's no question about it, I'm getting the season DVDs, and I'll say it a third time, just in case people don't get it by now.


On a side note... I hate the cheap Go-Bots, Transformers forever.
HAHAHA... the old GoBots hating...

It's a shame that the new Armada Optimus has a minicon called Leader-1...

Anyway... DVD's... I hope they come out here in Australia because hell yeah I need them...

The Season 2 DVD's have a Botcon Documentary on it, and I know a fair few of my friends are in the footage...
Nothing wrong with Gobots, they were cheap, but I had them too. :)

I recently got the first season of Transformers, and I cannot explain to you the sheer joy of reliving my childhood on commercial free DVD!!!
What is gobots? Are they the toys that couldn't transform into something else? I remember I saw Soundblaster in a toy store and I (or anybody I knew) had EVER seen him in Denmark and I immediatly bought him! When I got home I found out that he couldn't transform! What a rip!
No those are Action Masters, or maybe PVC's...

Gobots was this line of bad toys with a crappy TV show. Leader1, Cy-Kill, and err.... I dunno... those are some characters... the japanese Super Gobots weren't bad... Puzzler or what ever was a cool gestalt...

They had nothing to do with Transformers... but they were the poor mans TF...
It's pretty funny because Gobots were definitely the poor man's Transformers... but I'll bet they were 10x better quality than today's toys are! Transformers were cool because they were METAL!!! :lol: