tube amp shit itself


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Jan 7, 2008
this is my first post on this forum...but i have been lurking here for months learning as much as i can. i recently bought a blackstar ht-5 combo as a replacement for my ENGL head that i stupidly sold. The HT-5 worked perfectly fine for a couple of weeks and then it stopped making any sound at all. I have tried different leads and guitars and none of them work through it. When i turn the amp on the power light comes does that mean it is not a fuse or transformer issue? I dont really know much about tube amps so im sorry if these questions are stupid. i checked the tubes while the amp was on and the 12ax7 had a slight orange glow to it, but the 12bh7 (power tube i think it is) had no glow at all. does that mean i should just replace the 12bh7 and that could solve the problem? sorry about the length and bad grammar of this post....i unplugged the wrong thing and ran a nice current through my body when i was checking the amp so my head is a little screwy currently, but yeah any help would be greatly appreciated.
If the one tube isn't glowing, my first bet would be that it's a bad tube.

But... it doesn't hurt to check the fuses either. FedEx dropped my amp and it would power up, but produce no sound. Had the shop look at it and they couldn't find anything wrong. Opened up the amp myself and 'ta da' one of the fuses had popped out on one side so it wasn't making contact.
yeah i have checked the fuse and that is im gonna replace that tube...and swap out the sovtek aswell, and if that fails ill take it in to get looked at.