Two awesome German Bands, Free Samples, Free Stuff!!

May 17, 2007
------------------------EDIT 2012------------------------
Hey guys! I recorded another band. They're called CRIMSON DEATH and are also from Stuttgart Germany. Their album release is next week. Max from Forester Studios mastered the songs! Check out the studio video here:


hey guys it's been quite a while since I've posted something. I used to read everything on here, but I must admit the quality of the forum has decreased, probably because of it's fame...
Anyhow..., I thought I'd show you what I was up to this year and I'm quite sure that you'll like one of these bands. These bands deserve more attention, I hope I can help them get some new fans and some serious gigs.
So here are the 2 bands I recorded this year. I know, the mixes are not perfect, but I'm pleased with the results and so are the bands, recording is my hobby.
I wrote down some recording details, pics, videos and finally some free stuff (scroll down...)!

here are some tips that (would've) helped me :):
0.) you dont need 5 different layers of snares and 3 kicks, parallel comping, eqs for >1k€ etc.etc.etc. What I've learnt while mixing these bands is:
1.) the longer you try to get a good mix, the worse it gets. Try to finish a mix in one day.
2.) don't think you'll get a good sound if you're first snare sounds like ok, and you think if adding another "ok" one will make it sound better. Start with one sample per instrument and that just has to fucking sound amazing.
3.) there are no rules.
4.) you don't need expensive equipment and blabla for descent mastering.

ok, so here we go:


Band: Tulzscha
from: Karlsruhe, GERMANY

-close miced the cymbals (didn't use all mics in the final mix)
-large diaphragm condenser for china (MXL something)
-snare sm57
-toms: sm57 + OH mic
-low tom: D112 + OH mic
-room mic (over drummer's shoulder): rode nt1
-kick: trigger

nothing special really..., the close micing was a good idea but I noticed later at home, that some mics sounded like crap, I think theres something wrong with the mixing console.
I sampled the snare and all toms before the actual recording. I'll post the samples. The snare didnt make the final cut, but the toms are 80% in the final mix, theyre pretty awesome!
like I said, snare and kick are 100% replaced, everything else is real.

-100% L/R, double tracked (quad would be too much for this stuff and too hard to play tight enough)
-amp: 5150 combo, settings can be found in pics
-cab: mesa, single 57
-guitar: some ibanez rg. not the best pickups but I liked the old school sound of it so ok

unfortunately this band is still searching for a good bassist, so we had to program the bass.
my first time programming bass; we use trilogy and like 5 more synths (korg legacy etc) to get some good lows.
I'm actually pretty satisfied with the tone. for bass distortion I used dirthead on an insert with a low cut at ~500hz.

-double taked everything (except some screams)
-second take is like -15db
-mic: Rode NT1 (we did a mic shootout with 4 different condensers and sm57,sm58. The Rode kicked total ass, which was surprising because I normally go for a dynamic mic if the vocs are growls/screams. but yeah, the second best mic was the sm57.)


Band: Fuck you and Die (FYAD)
from: the black forest, GERMANY
Sample Song:

Drums: kit: Tama Starclassic (my opinion: great for rock, not so great for ultra fast metal)
-OHs: AB-miced (rode nt5)
-ride/hat: mxl 603
-stereo room mic (very low in final mix)
-snare/toms: sm57, md421
-kick: audix d6 (holy fuck, this mix is awesome!)

I sampled the whole kit. The snare you hear in the final mix is 100% the drummer's snare. kick samples are also available, theyre really nice, but I decided to go with another kick sound for the final mix.
The drummer is fucking sick, this guy is actually a guitar player, he recorded most of the guitars as well (check out the solo in the youtube video....crazy..)
Really fucking awesome, just check em out!

-100% L/R, double tracked
-amp: 5150 combo, engl rackhead (one amp left, one amp right (I forgot which is which, they actually sound the same :)
-mesa cab: 2x57, x1md421
-guitars: fuckin awesome ibanez prestiges (yellow and blue) with tonezones!!
-the guitars and bass was tracked at home by the band and we reamped them in the studio

-DI and sansamp
-check pics for model (ibanez 6string..)
-great bass player!

-at least(!) double tracked everything
-I think we used a sm58
-the vocalist does inhale stuff, I needed quite some plugins to fatten that up, but it worked out great

I recorded their first album too, last year. It's called veni vici, check it out if you like these guys!


Free Downloads:

(although this is free, the bands would also be happy to send you the real thing on CD, in high quality with artwork etc., just contact them!)
-FYAD EP 2011

-Tama Starclassic samples
-Tulzscha tom samples
-Snare samples
-Kick samples

(I have gog files of all samples, but I guess most of you are using slate anyways..)
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That's a whole lot of givin' you jus' done!
:) Nice one dude!

Mixes sound great too.
you are the man ! :)
I love the mixes , allthough I love it more suby and edgy... they both have some TBDM vibe and I love it !

good job on the drums and guitars tho :)
cools tuff, thanks for posting.
fuck you and die acutally don't live very far away from me so I think I should catch one of their local gigs sometime in the future.