UK gig / Kerrang! Kerrappp-Fest


Feb 7, 2002
Manchester, UK
flicking through a copy of kerrapp! in the local newsagent I noticed that in amongst the names likes for the K-fest was Anathema :eek:

6th Dec Anathema, London, Mean Fiddler

Haven't noticed a list of tour dates floating around, so is this just a one-off excuse to get some Christmas shopping in London in for the guys (even Pagans do Christmas shopping, don't they?) - or is it part of a UK tour?
20.11 - Krakow, Poland
21.11 - Wroclaw, Poland
22.11 - Warsaw, Poland
06.12 - London, Mean Fiddler, England

as i read yesterday on sopels site
I think the Polish dates are Danny and Vinny acoustic dates like.

i think sopel might just has made up these dates and when danny will tell him he never said hes deffo coming sopel will send some mad emails :Spin:
Ahh, i shall be there for sure! I hope they remember to play some metal this time! lol Dont get me wrong, i like all their stuff and last time they were great, although the earliest songs they played were ' fragile dreams' and ' angelica', personnaly i really missed not having just one METAL \m/ song in the set, so please give us ' a dying wish ' or 'we the gods' as well this time and i shall die a happy man!